Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goodnight Redhoodoos

It's time to put you to bed, dear friend. No - this isn't goodbye. Just goodnight.

After all, we've been through so much together! You have understood my weird animal obsessions like this and this and this and this.

And my need to mock my family like here and here and here. And of course my silly and dumb posts which are far too numerous to name - but here are the dumbest - this and this and this.

And of course you understand my love for the red desert. Remember this post? And this?

And you understand the cup!

But I need to focus on my health and fitness right now and need to put you to sleep. I will being hanging out at my other blog "Red's Groove" these days but will come back to you occasionally too.

So, remember, it's me. Not you. You've been a good little friend, Redhoodoos.