Friday, August 29, 2008

Creature the couch potato

Sorry, this is another cat post. I realize I'm a freak about my cats - but I can't seem to help it! I can only imagine how I would be with a dog!

But this is really cute.

The tv was on Animal Planet and I was doing other things. I happened to look over at Creature and saw that he was mesmerized by the kangaroos on tv. A commercial came on and he closed his eyes for a minute. When the show came back on - he opened his eyes and watched it again!

Here he is. The shot is fuzzy because I was trying to be discreet. I didn't want him to look away. (Okay, the real reason is because I'm camera challenged).

(Isn't he the cutest cat in the world? And even if you hate cats, which so many people do, you have to concede that he is at least cuter than most cats. Right? You do agree, don't you? Come on, I can take it).

Thank you for indulging me in my cat-obsessed post. I will wait at least a week before I post about him again.
Do your pets do funny, almost human type things?