Friday, June 27, 2008

It's seriously going to take a village.... (DANGER AHEAD)

This is an irritated, annoyed, and gnashing of the teeth kind of tyrade! I just need to get this out of my system so I can fix the problem. You may want to turn back now.

<--- ME

Anger and rage looms ahead in this blog rant.

Enter at your own risk!

Okay - here goes. But, remember, I warned you...

WHAT IS MY DEAL?! Why can't I just stick to a plan and lose the weight? Seriously, what is so hard about denying myself food and expending a little energy during exercise to get healthy?!

I hear the words that I need to be healthy. I know the importance of putting good food in my mouth. I know how good exercise is for the body. I remember how good it feels.

But why can't I do it?

I'm now having some health issues because of my weight. High cholesterol is already here for me. Diabetes is pointing and laughing at me because it knows it will be next. Now I'm having gallbladder issues.

This was never supposed to be part of the plan for me. I didn't grow up thinking I would one day be overweight.

I signed up 6 months ago to run the half marathon with my brother next month. Am I ready? Of course not! Did I exercise? Nope. At all? Uh uh.

Having a friend drag me to weight watchers worked at first - but lately I've just been paying money to show a weight gain.

Something must be done.

After much soul-searching this week, I've determined that it will take a village to get me healthy!

Today I'm taking drastic measures. And I'm telling my friends in blog-land about it so that I will be accountable for my actions.

Here are my thoughts and I hope you'll share what works or doesn't work for you. I know this affects a lot of us. I'm sure that I can't be alone in my feelings.

But I also know that some of you are doing things right and have made changes in your lifestyles.
These are some things I really really want:

  • I want to lose 50 pounds.
  • I want to run a marathon next year for my 40th birthday (yikes)
  • I want to lower my cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • I want to be peaceful and less harried - more introspective
  • I want to get a good night's sleep and feel energy during the day
  • I want to be loving and forgiving of myself

I'm going to post my weekly progress to my blog each week. I'll post how many times I exercised during the week and if I showed a loss at WW. I'm also going to try to bust through some of my fears.

I truly welcome your feedback. What was it that finally pushed you to make the change? Are you currently struggling with motivation right now as well? What are some of your tricks?