Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence, bear hunting, and photo ineptitude

Todd and I made a jaunt up to Yellowstone over the weekend. As usual, it was a blast - although too short. Our last trip to Yellowstone in May was sooo amazing and we had high hopes of seeing another grizzly. Unfortunately, no such luck.

But we did see moose.

And buffalo a plenty.

And a baby wolf!!!

This was actually very exciting. As usual, I was behind the camera and was too excited to get a good shot. This fuzzy mess was the best photo of the bunch. Pfft.

And adorable Creatures.

And elk.

Todd captured a great shot of me.

This shot was taken during our bear hunt.

Yellowstone lake.

Incredible fields full of these flowers - everywhere!

As usual, a wonderful weekend with my main man! Can't wait to go again.

But, the best part of the trip was picking up Larissa on our way home. We missed our spunky girl!

Hope you all had a happy 4th!