Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been harboring thoughts of getting a dog this Summer and I need your help in deciding the best breed for our family. But first let me give you some history.

Until we gained custody of Todd's kids (as a side note - Darren, Elora, and Larissa are not my Biological kids - but my kids, nonetheless), I had never really had a pet. My brother Brian had a crazy cat named Tard that I lived with for about 3 years - but she was downright mean. (Sorry Brian, I know that hurts to strong). I didn't grow up with pets and was, to be honest, scared of them. When it was determined that Larissa, who is a huge cat lover (not to say that Larissa is huge, because clearly she is not - but to say that she has a very large affection for cats), would be coming to our home - Todd and I realized that we would need a cat or two. Enter Stitch, aka Creature, and Baby Bear. In case you haven't noticed - I ADORE these cats. Who knew that animals could be so much fun to have around? Since then I have gained a huge love for all animals - not just my cats. They make me giggle and I think they're just funny little critters. Llamas and emus particularly tickle my funny bone.

So, I'm branching out and thinking I might like a dog. I realize they're a huge committment and want to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into. I would like a dog that I can take on walks and jogs - medium to large-sized. Preferably a dog that doesn't bark too much. Needs to be good with my cats. Would like a gentle, cuddly dog - not mean - but one that also likes to play and have fun. Here are my thoughts so far....

Old English Sheepdog - How cute is he??!!
I love his fuzziness.

Newfoundland - I hear they are great dogs. But huge! Would a Newfie be too much dog for a beginner like me?

Lab - Just an all-around good dog, I hear.

Collie - For cute!

So, what are your thoughts? Advice, hints, tips, other dog breeds worth considering? Do you have an awesome dog?

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Thanks much!