Thursday, June 5, 2008

Road tripping with a teenager

My 15-year old son and I went on a road trip to Bryce Canyon (my beloved) for his graduation from junior high. We talked about really annoying important things like video games, future dreams, Matchbox 20, getting his Eagle scout rank, girls, and his ability to create harmony in our home.

He said really sarcastic and cynical kind things like "Mom, why are you singing?" "you are the best mom in the world" and "the Native American music you are listening to is very annoying cool."

He really enjoyed our motels, particularly the one at Capitol Reef National Park because of the wireless internet and swimming pool splendid view from our room.

It sucked was fun eating out with him because he played with the salt and pepper shakers and knocked over his water which spilled all over me and into my purse was so polite and refined.

He was a really curt and gruff great conversationalist. When I asked him how he was enjoying his trip, he acted as though it pained his very soul to utter more than three words launched into a lengthy discourse of the positive attributes of the trip.

We have wanted to go on a trip together since he was ten years old. He was a distracted teenager warm and tender-hearted son who was anxious dreaded going home because he would rather be with anyone but me me than with his friends (yeah right).

Here are the only a few pictures he let me take of him:

Actually, Connor, you were totally fun and I loved every minute I spent with you! (But that's our little secret).


Anonymous said...

You're NOT bringing him home...Right? That was the plan. you are supposed to leave him there for the summer...Right?


Frumpy Luv said...

This is seriously hilariously funny. Love the dad comment. You guys are cracking me up over here!! I know having teenagers sounds very scary, and I am not wishing away a moment of this time with my precious little kids, but having deep and meaningful conversatios is something I look forward to as well! Good thing I read this so I know what the reality is!! =)

Anonymous said...


aaah....the joys of motherhood & you have such a POsiTIve OutLook :)

I love it!!!!

COMcewens said...

WAY funny post!! I was cracking up!
Hey so how do you do the crossing out the word thing??

Anonymous said...

GooD Question....I want to know how to CROSS OUT THE WORDS!!!

Redhoodoos said...

LOL. I just tried to send the directions but it wouldn't let me use the html symbols that you need to use to make the strike out. So - hopefully this will make sense when I try to explain it.

When you are composing your letter - click on the 'edit html' tab (next to compose). When you want to cross out a word or phrase - use this symbol "(s)" at the beginning. But instead of parentheses, use the pointy bracket parentheses things lol. Sorry. It looks like a sideways v. At the end of the word - use (/s) - except again use the sideways v as brackets. Sorry for the pathetic description! Hope that helps. Good luck!

Redhoodoos said...

If it doesn't make sense - send me an email and I can describe it better there. My email is

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Crap! She brought him back... I guess I'll have to use my Marine Corp headgames on him.

Really folks, our "teenager" years with the kids have been the best! Jodi has been to blame for this.


COMcewens said...

Thank YOU! I am going to give it a try, if it doesnt work, Ill send you an email! THANK YOU!

Your husband is pretty funny with his little comments!