Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching up

I've missed my blogging friends terribly! I feel so out of sorts when I'm not posting about 'stuff'.

Here's what's been happenin'!

Todd's cute nephew Chris got married. It was sooo beautiful up there! He and Toni looked so happy.

Monday was Todd's competition shoot-out. It was Corporate Games at his work and they took bronze. You go husband!

Check out my husband's mad shooting skills.

*The author of this blog would like readers to know that her husband would never shoot furry, cute animals. He's a 'target' man.

I'm thinking a Corporate Games men's calendar is in order. Here are January, February and March.

We registered Connor for HIGH SCHOOL on Wednesday. Holy cow - he only has three years left. My smart kid has some awesome classes!

Wednesday was also Connor's 16th birthday. Yeah, a bragging blog will be heading this way soon.

I LOVE this picture!

And he received a very nice birthday present - he gets his braces off next Friday! Woot!

The dentist strapped his mouth closed for the last two weeks. It's been nice.

Yesterday I had lunch with my hilarious and fun friends Lorrie and Michelle (MCF). Of course, I left my camera in the car...but you can check out MCF's blog here.


Todd just called with a notable tone of interest to his voice as he told us about some breaking news. Apparently Big Foot and his clan have been found.
See this story for more fascinating details.

We're heading off to the hills again for another camping attempt. Hopefully we'll stay for more than an hour this time.

I'll be sure to blog if we spot the infamous Big Foot. Have a super weekend!