Sunday, January 13, 2008

Guest Blogger

Hey, good news!

My brother Brian, aka Bean, is going to submit a post on this blog!

He's going to discuss something really profound such as why Alan Thicke is the center of his spiritual universe. Or possibly he will share his favorite episodes from the beloved sitcom "Joanie Loves Chachi". Or he may argue about why he believes that Peewee Herman is the greatest comedic talent of the 20th century. Might he possibly prove in graphs and/or charts that Springville is the drug capital of the world? Could it be said that Turkey Jim is just a figment of our father's imagination? Does Brian really think it was necessary for our father to "GET A BOX" to capture Tard? Could the incident with the christmas tree and the BYU football game have been prevented? Finally, what is the story behind Jerry Garcia and his blood stream?

So many topics and so little time.

Stay tuned!

*The above statements are not condoned or endorsed by the owner of this blog. And may it be known that the above statements are actual conversations that have occurred in the presence of - or have been started by - Bean.