Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef

I'll try not to be too sappy - but can I just tell you how much I LOVE Southern Utah - Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, and Zion National Park in particular?!

When I first married Todd, he didn't understand my obsession for the Utah desert - slowly, through the years, he sees what it is that I'm drawn to and even likes it now when I drag him down there.

If you have never been to the red desert, make a plan to go sometime because pictures just don't do it justice - especially MY pictures because I am not a great photographer. This place is just down right perty, I tell ya!

I have a lot of memories in Southern Utah. My family vacationed there frequently when I was young and I loved being with my extended family - the super fun Boyacks (aka "BoJacks"), the Burnsides (game loving party animals that they are), and especially Grandma and Grandpa Stevens with their warm and cozy trailer and stove that made the very best hot chocolate! Ah, memories. I'm a lucky lucky girl.

And here begins my narrative. Ahem.

Connor and I arrived at Bryce on Wednesday - it was COLD - and being the naive and trusting individuals that we are - we didn't think it would actually SNOW in June, so we didn't bring coats. I'll never make that mistake again.

This is the path to the rim of Bryce.

We met a few friends on the path who were enjoying some meditation and tai chi. Connor started talking to them in a really high-pitched girly ("hi friendly little deers") voice and they ran off. They were pretty ticked. As was I.

I was embarrassed and whisked Connor off to the rim, scolding and sputtering at him under my breath.

And here is the view from the rim! WOW. Just wow.

We always make it a habit to visit this cemetery. My pioneer ancestors lived in Cannonville and Georgetown (now a ghost town) and some are buried here.

Seth and Lydia Johnson's graves, my great-great-grandparents.

An abandoned home and farm in Georgetown. I would love to find out the history of this home.

On Thursday, we took a jaunt up the beautiful highway 12 to Capitol Reef NP.

Near Capitol Gorge.

An old pioneer school house.

We have plans to go next month again and cheer on my bro while he runs in the Bryce Canyon half marathon. (Yes, I had originally intended to run in this race, but not surprisingly, I have not trained at all sufficiently. So - you can expect a "laziness" rant about that in the near future. Goodie for us all).

As always - it was a fun trip!

If you look closely in the pictures - you might see slivers of my heart. DOP!! I promised I wouldn't delve into sap territory. Oops.