Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good times, indeed!

Good things are happenin' around these here parts. Not only did the human-caused (grr) fire get doused (well, mostly)....

But my cute kids started school and liked their classes (for the most part)...

And, Connor got his braces off last Friday (can you see him just practically oozing with happiness and being more than willing to smile for me?)...

And, I love this next piece of good news.

But, please don't think I'm a horrible mother.

Oh, but I really was so horribly mean.

But to preface, Elora really deserved it! She takes full advantage of April Fool's Day and any other opportunity to scare, torment, tease, shock, or terrorize her family (especially me)!

Okay. So, the story goes like this. I was helping Todd trouble-shoot our failed air-conditioning unit (yes, failed! As in - failed in 100° temperatures - PFFT!) in the basement over the weekend (okay, actually I wasn't helping him trouble shoot - let's be honest here - I was just holding the flashlight). I happened to noticed the ugly creature (no, not the cat. And have you noticed that I'm the queen of parentheses today?) in the corner. I had forgotten about this ugly specimen and decided to put him to good use. See below....

Meet Bob.

Well, as luck would have it, Elora's room is in the basement. And she was gone with her friends. And wouldn't be home until about 1 in the morning - when it was very very dark.

You can probably imagine where this is going. MEAN, huh?! Sooooo cruel that it makes me giggle just thinking about it. Seriously laughing here.

When she came home from her outing with her friends, she went down to her very dark room and found good old Bob hanging in the doorway.

She said she screamed and karate-chopped Bob.

And again I assert - I'M NOT A BAD MOTHER!

(I should probably mention here that Elora declared war with me and scared me with Bob the next night - and I screamed louder - but that's beside the point).

Getting back to the original point of this post leads me to the most joyous event of all!!

My dear, sweet, wonderful husband has repaired the stupid air-conditioner and life has become wonderful again!

And Creature the cat is happy - and that's all that really matters!