Tuesday, June 3, 2008

To Nurse or Not to Nurse

I need your opinions.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a nurse. I've been once again mulling over the thought of going to nursing school.

The sight of blood doesn't creep me out (vomit's a different story but maybe I could get past that) and I thoroughly enjoy helping people. Besides, I think there is something inherently rewarding about being a nurse. I think living your life by trying to ease the suffering of others lends a certain contentment at the end of the day. Also, there is a huge shortage of nurses and I worry about the future of our country's healthcare. I have more time on my hands now that my kids are older. Okay - those are the pros to being a nurse.

Here are the cons (and there are quite a few).
*I'm old - 38
*Doctors - they have a reputation of being rude and demanding to nurses
*It will take at least two years to get the degree - the faster programs are considerably more expensive.
*Patients dying
*My dad and husband need my help with their real estate business (maybe I could do this on the side?)
*Do I have it in me to go back to school?
*I'm old - this seems to be a big hang up for me

So what do you think? Should I go for it and ignore the fears or are the fears trying to tell me something? Please give me your honest thoughts. I can take it... =)

Josh Groban

I asked Todd to stop by Deseret Book on his way home from work yesterday to pick up a cd that I wanted. He came home with a Josh Groban dvd that was filmed at the concert we attended last August. It came out a few weeks ago. I just have to say that it was the best concert I have ever been to.

Here are two clips from it. The first is of Josh Groban singing "In Her Eyes". The second clip is from a guest violinist - Lucia Micarelli. She is unbelievably talented. The first part of the song starts out pretty slow - but you need to watch the entire clip - it is sooo good. No one has posted the dvd version on youtube so I found a clip that was taken at the actual concert. Actually, I think this clip is from the same concert a few weeks earlier - but the same performance. Enjoy!

You really need to watch this entire clip - it gets good! Trust me. =)