Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shark attack!

Connor is definitely my son.

Ya see, this here is the shark head on Connor's bedroom wall that viciously attacked him while he was taking off his shirt. One might assume that a dead shark is harmless - but after an urgent care visit, tetanus shot and 11 stitches, we learned otherwise.

For gross!

Connor's grandpa, aka "gramps", shares his version of the event.
Connor thought he should have made his biceps bigger.

In other thrilling news... Todd and I have been searching high and low for the coyote, or fox, or whatever it was (possibly a llama?). Donning camouflage clothing and lurking in the woods with night vision goggles has gotten us nowhere and we find ourselves feeling increasingly hopeless that we will ever find the mystery animal.

We've resorted to recruiting the help of other furry critters in our pursuit. Our instructions to them are simple - find the coyote (or fox) and get a picture if you can.

This deer has been very diligent and zealous in his hunt and has so far left no stone unturned. We decided to name him our employee of the month.

This guy is completely nuts.... and useless.

We have difficulty keeping this hawk's attention on the search effort. He keeps flitting and fluttering to areas outside of our search zone.

We may have to let him go.

This raucous crowd is full of shenanigans but very eager to find the coyote/fox. Unfortunately , they are not very stealthlike in their approach and Todd and I try to teach them to use their quiet voices. We've not had much success.

Stitch the cat just mocks our obsession.

Heretofore, our search has proven fruitless - but stay tuned as the thrilling drama unfolds. We will not give up the search. We will carry on. We are the champions, my friend.