Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Total geekdom

I live on a mountain that is about 20 minutes away from a grocery store. For four years I have laboriously traveled the well-worn roads to buy food, muttering and sputtering angrily under my breath at the sheer inconvenience of it all!

So, imagine my joy when I learned that a new store was being built at the bottom of the hill - a mere 10 minutes away. Further - imagine the shrieks and excitement my family endured several months ago when I learned that the new store to be built was a Harmon's.

The only store I will frequent is Harmon's. Why, you ask? I'll list the reasons in order of importance:
  • Because Harmons has good prices.
  • They have a very user friendly layout and I know where everything is.
  • I'm a creature of habit.
  • It's right next to Little Caesar's - hence, Crazy Bread.
  • They offer discounts on gas.
  • They have friendly people.
  • They have Boar's Head meat.
  • They have a drive-up window for prescriptions. (WOW I'm old).
  • They load my groceries for me (wait, maybe this should be first).
  • Bean doesn't shop there (wait, maybe this should be first). I'm clearly still fuming over his Dan Fogelberg comment.

But I digress.

Today was the grand opening and guess who was there with an idiotic, half-dazed perma-smile? Me. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Yes, I took my camera with me to the grand opening of Harmon's.

Wouldn't you?

Another angle of it's spectacular grandeur.

This picture was taken as I was pulling into their drive and load area. I was giggling like a little girl.

Today, the world was beautiful.

New member of the family

Isn't she lovely?

Happy Anniversary!

Two very wonderful people met about 47 years ago. The man thought the woman was very cute - she liked to dance, laugh, play piano and had a lot of friends (and admirers). The woman thought the man was tall, blonde, and devastatingly handsome. He loved to make her laugh. He liked to draw, paint, write, and was the life of the party. They decided to get married 46 years ago and start their lives together.

I'm glad they did because they are my parents and I'm lucky to have them. They are kind, generous, and loving to their 4 children, 9 grand children, and 7 great-grand children.

Oh, and guess what my dad surprised my mom with for the big day - a brand new, CUTE, fire-engine red Mini Cooper!

Happy Anniversary!!