Saturday, January 19, 2008

Road Trips and Family Love

Oh, I'm itching for a road trip. What is better than a road trip - especially at this time of year when everything is gray and drab?! We usually have so much fun arguing laughing, sightseeing, telling Todd how where to drive, eating junk healthy food. It's awesome.

I usually plan several minutes weeks in advance....always forgetting remembering important items such as cupcakes toothpaste and red medicine that puts the kids to sleep interesting books.

We enjoy the wonderful comments from our annoying brilliant monsters children such as "are we there yet?" "which explorers came through here?" and "sagebrush is so ugly" "golly, I sure do love that we live in such a beautiful state".

Choosing a destination always induces a heated healthy debate. My annoying brilliant monsters children usually choose some place expensive and touristy educational and minimalistic. We usually pass the time with gameboys and ipods songs and lively stories.

We enjoy the bondage bonding that we use on feel with our children. Upon our arrival home, we feel exhausted and relieved refreshed and happy to be home.

Elora's Senior Prom

Our sweet Elora went to Senior Prom. Senior Prom! I think it's more exciting for me than it is for her.

Okay, maybe not.