Friday, December 21, 2007

The Other Woman

Winter is definitely here...see proof below. This is the view out my front door this morning.

The forecasters say it will snow every day for the next 5 days.

We live on the top of a small mountain in a community named SunCrest, which is at the South end of the Salt Lake valley. The altitude is 6,330 feet and we usually get a good amount of snow.
This is our fourth Winter in SunCrest.

So, here's the deal.

We've always had shovels. Todd's favorite command has always been "KIDS - there's a snowflake in my driveway and I want it gone!" At which point, my teenage children would grumble, complain, kick, scream, and holler - but they would eventually turn off their video games and relocate the snow that had accumulated on the driveway and sidewalks. Then, they would come back into the house, red-faced, and track snow all over my kitchen. But that's a blog for another day.

This past November, Todd splurged and bought new snow shovels. He was tired of the kids fighting over the 'red' snow shovel. Who knew there were such differences in shovels?! Apparently the green shovels were 'crap' and they all fought over the coveted (and singular) 'red' shovel. So - Todd, feeling love in his heart and compassion for their angst, purchased 'red shovels' for all of them. It was a joyous day to behold. Here is a picture of the shovels in all of their splendid glory.

Then, a certain reality hit my husband.

Darren is going on a mission. Darren is the oldest and strongest of the 4. Darren is never home because he's working two jobs to pay off debts that he accumulated over the last year even though we as wise parents warned him about the dangers of debt and tried to subtly explain that debts don't go away even if he goes on a mission. Was that a run-on sentence? Sorry. Did you sense any frustration on my part? Sorry.

So, following the law of logical deduction, if Darren is never home, Todd realized he would have to be the one out there exercising brawn and power over the giant snowflake in the driveway. Todd is smart.

The seed was planted and a thought turned into an obsession.

Todd scoured KSL ads looking for snow blowers. "Jodi, I can't go another winter with those 'pieces of crap' shovels - even if they are all red now. Besides, Darren's not here to help."


One night he was especially quiet. I have learned to fear those times. Finally, one Sunday morning he sprung it on me. He had found a snowblower that he wanted to buy. He had been awake all night thinking about it.

Me: But you just bought all those brand new shovels.
Todd: Jodi, I can't go another winter with those 'pieces of crap' shovels - even if they are all red now. Besides, Darren's not here to help.

So, off he went to buy his new pride and joy, the apple of his eye. I hatefully refer to her as the 'other woman'.

Here he is with her. The happy couple.

Todd races home to her when it snows. Neighbors flock to our home when he is outside. They speak in hushed and reverent tones as they speak of her horsepower and size. I don't see him for the rest of the night because he has to help all of the other neighbors (who don't have snowblowers) with their driveways.

It's hard being married to a nice guy. And it's really hard sharing my nice guy with another woman! But I'm not bitter - and at least the snowflake is gone. For now.