Monday, July 21, 2008

Discipline and Commitment

About 6 months ago, a bunch of us pledged to get into shape enough to run the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon held this past weekend. We had big plans that included making team t-shirts.

I had visions of us all crossing the finish line together - arms linked - while "Rocky" music played on the loud speaker. In my dream there would be tears of joy and a chorus of cheers "JODI! JODI! JODI!" as mobs swarmed to congratulate me.

Anyhoo - the big day came and guess how many of us ran the half?

Just my bro.

Since my new goal is to not beat myself up too badly, I will just say that I will try again next year.

My brother stuck to his goal and DID IT!

(Sorry Bro, you're going to HATE this - but I'm going to brag on you for a minute.)

Brian started slowly working out last January. He wrote a hilarious post on my blog about making a lifestyle change (click here to read it). He thought he was overweight (I never thought so) and wanted to live his life with commitment and discipline.

He started going to a gym. Then he joined a running group. He ran a 5k and a 10k. All of this was in preparation for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.

I should say here that Brian HATES running. It has never been something that he enjoyed - which is all the more reason why he is so inspiring.

He also travels frequently with his job but still found time to fit exercise in.

Me and my bro at the finish line.

Brian's not much for praise and attention. He quietly goes through life accomplishing goals (he just purchased his first home this month) and pushing himself to succeed. I got emotional watching him run to the finish line. Sorry Rocky wasn't playing. It would have been playing if it was up to me!

Thanks Brian for being an inspiration to me. You always have been. You are absolutely incredible. Word to your mother. Peace out.