Monday, July 28, 2008

The spookiest (and possibly the dumbest) post EVER!

The following is a true story. No names had to be changed to protect the innocent, as there were none.

(This may not be as funny to you as it was to us - but we roared.)

First, for effect, and to showcase my strong nerdlike tendencies, queue up the following music to add to the air of suspense.

{Redhoodoos donning her 'ghost story' voice}

Late Saturday night, around midnight or so, me, Todd, and Elora came home from seeing "Dark Knight". As a side note - the joker in this movie is a tad bit creepy. So, we were already a little bit special.

It had been hours since we had had our internet fix, so of course, we race to the computers, knocking things over that are in our way and not bothering to turn on any lights.

Todd and I were at the main computer looking something up - not sure what, and it doesn't really matter, because my fingers get a little thrill when they caress the keyboard - even if it's a site about Armenian clowns.

We were busy looking at something when we heard a noise.

Remember, it's midnight and we just saw a scary movie and the house is dark. I might be embellishing a bit - but I think there was lightning in the distance. Yeah, we'll say there was lightning.


We heard a noise outside.

I thought it was the sprinklers and didn't mention it.

We heard it again. And again. And again.

Slowly, Todd and I look at each other.

We discuss the possibilities.

Me: It's the sprinklers.
Todd: No, they go off at 11.
Me: Hmm
Elora: Maybe it's the tree by our house.
Todd: We don't have a tree by our house.
Me: Hmmm.


Todd: Well, let's go check it out.

2 thoughts jostled around in my head.
A) Why do we have to go check it out.
B) Why does my manly man want us to go with him to check it out? I'm not accusing Todd of being scared or anything. I'm just sayin'.

We crept out the back door to find the source of the very creepy sounding noise.

We huddled near each other like a mass of jello - any noise would have surely sent us jiggling!

Try to imagine three very grown (and hopefully rational) people practically glued to each other, creeping ever so silently to the side of the house.

In defense of my man - he was first in our little line.

We crept to the side of the house and found the source of the noise.

And we found......


This is where the laughter began.

Turns out that the neighbors tent flew over their fence and was caught between our fence and our house.

The laughter continued and of course Todd said things like "Ha ha, you were so scared".

So, to really showcase my nerdlike tendencies - I asked my husband and daughter to re-enact the events that occurred that fateful Saturday night.

As you can clearly see, Todd thought it was a dumb idea.

But because he loves me, he obliged! Elora is just a sweetheart and can't say no!

(I can't look at this picture and NOT laugh my head off)!

So there's our very scary story.

Sorry I'm a nerd. Now you can go back to reading important and meaningful blogs.


Todd and I are going here later this week for our 10th anniversary!
I'm pretty darn excited because I've never been! I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but we've never made it. Besides looking over the rim - is there anything you can recommend? A great restaurant? A trip to Sedona or Flagstaff, perhaps?
Any ideas?