Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Run of Bad Luck - Part II

The Watson's have been having such a jolly good time these days that I thought I would share our good fortune with you.

If you recall my blog entry on December 12, titled "Run of Bad Luck", you will clearly see as you read on that our bad luck has gained momentum and is now running at full speed.

This is our latest car crash. This car crash happened 2 days after we fixed the car from the last car crash. Repeat - 2 DAYS! If you look closely, you will see that the bumper looks like it could have been brand new. That's because IT WAS! Pfft.

The teenage offender will unfortunately remain anonymous.



Sicko Connor = Pneumonia, 103.5 fever, and flu.

The next three photos are of our front entryway. Apparently there was an ice dam that formed on our roof above our entryway. The water/ice backed up and got under the shingles and seeped into our house causing the damage you see below. True joy.

You may be enticed into feeling a little sorry for us and our rampant misfortune. After all, since November, we have wrecked all four of our vehicles (one of them twice), dealt with 2 surgeries, thyroid cancer, a mission call, pneumonia, ferocious snow storms that have left us stranded and buried, and now a house that is falling apart.

I was actually going to launch into a sarcastic tyrade, as is my habit, and can be so much fun. But, I really can't today.

I have to say that our little family has grown closer and has had more wonderful experiences than I can even communicate on this blog. Sending Darren to a foreign country next week and knowing that we won't be able to speak with him for 2 years, has humbled us all and has put things into perspective. The minor inconveniences that have beset our family are temporary and fixable. Whereas in the past I have had a strong tendency to feel completely sorry for the misery bestowed on me - I am now inclined to recognize the good.

Prepare yourself for more sap to follow in the next few days as I think I'm just getting started. I'm sure you can't wait. (See? I can't get rid of the sarcasm completely - that would be just weird)!

Darren's Farewell

Darren's Missionary farewell is this Sunday. Please send me an email for directions and times if you would like to join us!