Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Change and Pecking order

We realize that life as we have known it has changed and we are forging new territory. There has been a noticeable shift in rank among our kids at home - Elora now being the highest in pecking order and letting the others know it. She waited an appropriate amount of time (about three hours) before instigating her hostile takeover of Darren's bedroom. She is moving her bed into his room as we speak.

There is now more room in the bathrooms as I haven't heard any banging on the doors for Darren to hurry and get out!

Connor is now the 'grunt' of the kids and will be helping Todd with manly things.

Larissa has lost her Guitar Hero buddy and has reminded us that her status has not changed - she's still the baby of the family, and as such, should not require more chores.

The house seems quieter. Todd's eyes were red all last night. We wonder how Darren's doing. I haven't had a single phone call from him today. Sadly, I won't hear from him until Mother's Day and then Christmas.

I suppose change is always uncomfortable at first. Slowly, we will find new order and life will go on.

MTC - "Mom's Torture Chamber"

Well, we did it. We said goodbye to Darren. It was harder than I thought it would be. Collectively, we shed enough tears to end Utah's drought.

We will miss our crazy "Raymond"!