Monday, August 25, 2008

Fire on the mountain - part 2

Well, the fires have died down - thank goodness!! It was very interesting for a while there. Apparently the fires came fairly close to some homes and people were evacuated. No homes have been destroyed but it was too close for comfort. Thanks for your phone calls and emails. Love you guys!

Here is a view of the fires tonight.

A few hours ago.


Apparently everyone driving down our hill was just as interested in the fires as I was.

Here is a view from Connor's school. (Yes, we really do live this far away from schools. Grrr!!)

Hey, I found the Microsoft Paint program which showcases my absolute inability to draw. Straight arrows are apparently too complicated! LOL.

But moving on....

I hate that the beautiful hills have been destroyed by fire but glad no one was hurt!

Waaaaay too close. This temple is still under construction.

View from Larissa's school.

Our community's fire station - under construction.

Oh, the irony.

Fire on the mountain

There is a fire burning on a mountain a few miles from our home right now. It has created quite the attraction as a lot of people in the neighborhood (including me, Elora, and Creature) are outside taking pictures. We are okay - it's still far enough away that I'm not concerned about it reaching our little hill.

Interestingly, I was working on something on the computer and decided to check the news. I read the story about the fire and Elora and I looked out our back window and saw this photo. The second photo is two blocks away from my home. I'll post more later - gotta go get my kids from their first day of school!