Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bryce Canyon - January 2010

Todd and I journeyed to Bryce Canyon this weekend. It was a great way to start out the New Year. It was chilly, but sunny and beautiful, and of course we found an adventure or two. This is the entrance to Ruby's Inn. I love how they decorated for Christmas!

We stayed at this motel - the Grand Staircase Inn, in Cannonville. The rooms are clean and very affordable ($39 per night is not too shabby!) and is on the very spot that my grandmother was raised in the early 1900's. It turned out that we were the only guests that evening. The office closed at 7:00 and afterward there was not another living soul on site. It was eerie to say the least!

This morning we explored the area a bit before we started our trek home. Todd just happened to notice something as we drove down a little dirt road. I don't know how he saw it! Look closely...

It was only by extraordinary luck (and Todd's excellent vision) that we saw this Bald Eagle!
A beautiful, regal creature...
We saw this abandoned cabin near the Georgetown Cemetery.
We eventually made it to the rim. Regrettably, I can only recall being in Bryce Canyon in January once before.
It was a quick trip - but it was fun, and Todd and I were able to plan for the upcoming year. Happy 2010!