Sunday, March 2, 2008


Our cats enjoy spending their leisurely days looking out of our back window at the plethora of interesting objects - snow, the occasional bird, fence posts, rooftops, the mostly buried trampoline ring, etc. Winters are definitely not as fun for them as most interesting-ness is covered in snow.

Lately, Todd and I have concerns about a backyard neighbor who has a peculiar interest in our cats. He spies on our cats and is almost obsessed with their activities. When they nap - he knows. When they play, he knows. Our neighbor appears relentless in his quest to be seen by our cats and has become increasingly vocal. At times it borders on harrassment. It occurs to me that my cats have a stalker.

In the Summer, our neighbor peers through the slats in our back fence at the cats. But, since the snow levels are so deep, he now peers over our fence at them. Will he stop at nothing? What exactly are his intentions? I took a picture for proof of his obsession.

Here he is...

Keep scrolling to look in the eyes of fierceness.....

Not suitable for young viewers.

Last warning.......

EGADS! Will my cats ever feel completely safe with this beast stalking them??

Note his intimidating demeanor and snarling teeth..

I take great comfort in knowing that as the snow melts and decreases, so will this predator's splendid view of my furry friends.

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