Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Darren's films

Before his mission, Darren loved to make videos. He created film after film - about anything and everything. It's what he loves. It was very hard for him to leave technology behind and journey to a foreign land. But he did it. I'm proud of him and I'm missing him.

As a side note - we learned yesterday in his weekly email that he was robbed last week. Darren was out with his companion and had two wallets on him - one was a fake wallet with only a few bucks in it. They got that wallet - but not without a scuffle. He's okay and he wasn't hurt! But it's hard for us here at home - we feel so helpless. Do any of you missionary moms have advice?

So for some reason, I'm remembering his videos these days and thought I would post my favorites. They mean more to me because I first started to love him when he was 10 years old (when I married his dad) - when he was precocious, creative, curious and had boundless energy. Through the years he channelled those traits into his filmmaking and became pretty darned talented! It was fun to watch.

So here are my faves....

(Sorry - I just deleted the first video. Too embarrassing for me)

The next video was for Larissa's school project a few years ago. Meltaways are my kids FaVoRiTe chocolatey treat...

This next video was a film-making competition that he signed up for. They had 24 hours to shoot a video and had several components that were required: they had to use the phrase "Dude, where's my car?"; have a shot of the sunrise; the city; a landmark etc. So - Darren had 24 hours to come up with a plot, film the video, and edit it. He was up all night! Btw - the lady in this movie is my mother-in-law!

The last one I'll post is of Heroes. HE LOVES THIS SHOW! It's a little gorey but I thought he did a great job with it...