Friday, July 25, 2008

Creature the superstar

My cute niece had a photo shoot with her daughter the other day. Click HERE to see the cutest little girl in the world. I may be a little biased. =)

I was bitterly jealous and decided I wanted to have my own photo shoot. Elora's at work. Connor's in Paris. Darren's in Russia. Larissa's at grandma's. Todd said "no".


So, I present "Creature" to you in all of his glory. (Baby Bear didn't want to play.)

He wanted this song played during the photo shoot. His favorite!

Here is a great shot showing his love of my plants.

Here he is trying to solve the world's problems (or possibly he spotted a bug).

His sultry pose.

Having a little lunch time snack. The posing must have tuckered him out.

He wouldn't wear the rhinestone boa I tried to wrap around him.

I don't get why my brother thinks I'll be a crazy cat lady when I grow up.

Brian - have I totally embarrassed myself here? Should I hang up blogging for good?


COMcewens said...

ROF!!! WOW, Red! The cat looks great! Too bad you couldnt get the boa on her!!!! Wheres the picture of the cat in a tub of bubbles???

Frumpy Luv said...

You are never allowed to quit blogging - if you ever contemplate it again "the cousins" just might have to pay a little visit and convince you otherwise ..... j/k

I don't think my gorgeous LDS cousins could be very threatening, but just so you know - this behavior would be severely frowned upon by the frump =)

Loved loved loved the rejection of the rhinestone boa - LOL funny.

Mother Goose said...

rolfrolf, ohh so funny and don't you dare hang up your blogging! I love it! You are a crazy cat woman but so creative! You wanted a photo shoot and you did one! A boa was just too much, eh? Well, I will settle for a pic of you in the boa. Maybe, you dh would wear it? We should have a picture of the traveling boa and see what funny things we could do with it. LOL

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

I love the kitty cat photo shoot, it is the best.

Jan said...

First of all, your neice is adorable. I mean very cute.

Your cat has melted my feline heart. I am thinking and OK magazine sale here. I am sure it's worthy of money. That pose by the plant is about as good as it gets.

This was so much fun and simply hilarious. I loved it. Very creative Red. It makes me go meow baby.

Redhoodoos said...

Pam - I'll look for a photo of him in the tub in my archives. I'm sure I have one.

Frump - Your threats will never work! Bwahaha! (evil laugh). Thanks, frumpster.

Goose - I'll see if this crazy cat lady can con my husband into wearing a boa! ;) lol

Amanda - thanks for the inspiration. I think this means great things for Creature in his future modeling career.

Jan - Money? I'll get the magazines on the phone right now~! ;)

Mechelle said...

Red~ Your neice is adorable. I loved looking at the photos.

Don't ever say you are going to stop blogging! I would be so sad. Where would I get my cute cat photos fix? m

Frumpy Luv said...

BTW - LOVE the music addition - how funny are you!!!!!!

I might have to start a sidebar with links to my all-time favorite posts, and this would be one of them!!

Scrappy Girl said... can't quit blogging even if you start posting crazy cat lady stuff. LOL! Don't tell anyone but I love taking pics of our animals too! Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love that song! So funny!

I concur with everyone else, You may NOT retire your blog apron

kitchenditcher said...

Red you crack me up!! How gracious of Creature to actually "allow" pictures to be taken of his wonderfulness. I agree with Creature - He's too good for the boa!!

kitchenditcher said...

BUT....If you ever get a picture of hubby wearing a boa...please DO POST!! LOL