Sunday, November 2, 2008


Wonderful Kitchen Ditcher left a comment on my blog and said "You are so blessed with your family Red." That made me beam from ear to ear - because she is so right.
Aren't we all lucky to have loved ones? People that mean the world to us?
Here are some random photos from the busy last two weeks.

Connor's first swim meet (He's the swimmer on the far right)

Connor - I'm so proud of you~!

Larissa's Choir Concert. She's the beauty in red/black.

She is such a sweetheart.

Creature snuggling with Elora. He can't decide if he's a cat or a human. Children and animals love to be around Elora. So do I.

I had to laugh at Elora's socks...

They just don't look comfortable to me! LOL.

My amazing husband.

Finally, here is a portion of a letter from my missionary son, Darren.

"I realized also that I haven't always been the best son and that it has taken some real patience to raise a child like me! Yikes! I think I get it now... I thought I had it back then.

To my Moms! As far as support and love I've never seen better examples of unselfishness and forgivness than I have seen come from both of them. I sure pushed them to the limits! But I really can't believe how much I am missing them. Of all the "things" I thought I would miss I didn't really understand just how much my family means to me.I find that I am not catching myself saying, "gee, I wish I had spent more time working" or "I should have gotten in one last 'Halo Night' with my friends." Instead I find that the things I miss most were the ones I spent the least amount of time with.

I wish we had had more game nights, more time to fish, more trips through the mountains picking berries, more fun times feeding the squirrels at Bryce. My family(s), and just how lucky am I to have two of them! Mean everything to me! I wish I had helped out more, spent more time working on cars or making the burden lighter for my parents."

I am so thankful for my family.