Monday, November 3, 2008

Todd and Creature are sooooo in the DOG HOUSE!

Yes, it's another cat post - AND IT'S AN ANGRY CAT POST!

I am the angry elf.

I realize that after this post I may lose both of my readers - but please find it in your hearts to allow me to rant about the conspiracy that has been brewing, BEHIND MY BACK, in the walls of my own home.

First, behold the cutest cat in the world. Surely there has never been a more lovable feline.

Even the biggest cat hater EVER has to admit that he is downright adorable.

For years I have lovingly cared for this cat. He adores me. He follows me everywhere I go. We have an understanding. When I come home, I call for my cat. I hear him jump off of my bed and he runs down the stairs. He rubs against me and purrs. He loves his mommy. (Yes, I just said that. Please don't mock me.)

But he has betrayed me.

Because this guy bought catnip.

Oh, he may look sweet. Handsome. Innocent. But don't let that cute face fool you. He has beguiled my cat into thinking that HE is the cat's meow.

Todd has used this past weekend to his advantage and has gained major brownie points with my cat. He has spent the weekend feeding him catnip drugs. Today he came home before me and laced Creature's cat food with it.


Now, when I come home - he doesn't come running. When Todd calls him - Creature scampers to his new master. He stares at Todd with eyes full of anticipation for the never-ending catnip.

I just want you to know that I am not happy about this.

There is no point to this post. There is no moral. There is no ending question in an effort to get comments. This is it.

I am an angry elf.