Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fitness Update

How are you doing with fitness goals? We're now in to February - wow! This is the time that many people quit their New Year's fitness goals. Let's not quit now!

I have lost a total of 11 pounds - yeah!! I have been eating less and have been eating more fruits and vegetables. I haven't really exercised (Oh, it will happen eventually, I promise!).

My family (dad, sis, brothers, husband, nephew) is going to run/walk the Bryce Canyon half marathon on July 19th. Some of us will be walking the 5k. Anyone is invited to join our crazy family!

Here's my plan for the half marathon:

February - Slowly start fitness & strength training program - 3x week
March - Step up fitness to 4x week (minimum)
April - Exercise 5x week. Start jogging.
May- Jogging/walking 5x week
June - Jogging 5x week with 1 long day
July - Half Marathon! Hope to have lost 30 pounds by race date.

I don't anticipate running the entire half marathon! I will do a lot of walking, I'm sure.

I'm also interested in yoga. Anyone know of a good yoga teacher/class in the SL valley? Do tell!

I have a bad habit of starting a fitness program and becoming so involved in it that I burn out or injure myself and then subsequently quit! I'm not going to do that this time. I plan to start slow, listen to my body, and make steady progress. I have not taken very good care of myself and plan to make this a lifestyle change.

What are your fitness/nutrition plans?