Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday fun and household UN-fun

We've been busy people in our home lately! I'm short on time so this post will be short, sweet, and to the point! =)

Thursday we went to Connor's swim meet. He is really good!! Unfortunately they lost the meet because they were going against the best swim team in the state.

Friday my work had our Christmas party and I made some delicious tacos!! Thanks everyone for your awesome recipes. I couldn't have done it without you!

Yesterday our family went Christmas-ing down town. It is not very often that all of the kids are home together on the same weekend - so we took advantage of this rare opportunity!

We went to Clark Planetarium and saw "Santa and the Snowman 3D".

BTW - if you have little kids and want to see a darling Christmas movie - this is the one!!

Even though it's kind of a 'little kid' movie - my teenagers loved it. They actually admitted it!

Then we boarded TRAX.

And met Todd for dinner. YUMMY!!

We saved the best for last!

About three weeks ago, I opened the mail to find that I received tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. I was so excited that I actually screeched!! I enter the lottery every year - and this is the first time I received tickets.

Along the way, we braved the crowds and saw the beautiful lights on Temple Square.

And made it to the concert. To my delight - our seats were excellent (it's hard to tell in this picture). There are just times in life when the stars align and things just work out. Yesterday was that day. The concert was amazing!! The choir, the orchestra, the reading - all incredible! I love this choir and the feeling I get when I hear their angelic voices. There was an AMAZING organ solo of the song "Go Tell it on the Mountain" that literally brought the house down!

It was a super weekend that ended with my mom's birthday celebration tonight!! Love you mom - hope you had fun.
And now for the bad news.
I'm stealing Elora's computer right now because mine is broken. Why? Not a clue. The 'Geek Squad' thinks it might need a new mother board. Yeah. That's fun.
I haven't mentioned that my oven died a few weeks ago and my washing machine is on the brink.
Alas - life is good. I will take appliance issues over the more serious challenges that other people are facing during this Christmas season.
But - this means I won't be blogging much during the next few weeks. {Please hold your applause}. I'll still be around - and I'll lurk and comment when I can.
I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!