Friday, March 7, 2008

Jane Goodall & Terry Tempest Williams

Tuesday night, Todd and I went to the University of Utah's "Peace with Nature" event at Abravanel Hall. So good!

Philip Bimstein and Red Rock Rondo kicked off the evening with a collection of Southern Utah-inspired acoustical music. I've heard of this band before but had never heard them perform. I love anything that involves our beloved Southern Utah and they did not disappoint!

Terry Tempest Williams spoke next about the decline of the prairie dog population. I was looking forward to hearing her speak as I'm a fan of her writing but to be honest - her comments were just too short (whine)! I wanted to hear more of her poetic passion and environmental fervor (yes, can I have cheese with the whine?). I know she was saving time for Jane Goodall but I was let down, nonetheless.

Jane Goodall then spoke about our relationships with each other and with animals. She spoke about living more peacefully and lovingly with others. Todd and I were struck by her zest for life. She has been such a good force on this Earth and has blessed and taught so many. It was an honor to hear her speak.

An exquisite lady.

Did you know that this glass sculpture is titled "Olympic Tower" and was created by Dale Chihuly for the 2002 Olympics?