Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cute Tammy tagged me! Thanks.

The rules of the tag are to name 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 others.

Let the randomness begin!

1) I am extremely claustrophobic. I hate being trapped or confined in any way. Shudder!

2) I have an ice-cube fixation. I love ice. I have ice with me at all times of the day.

3) The other night I had a dream that my SIL adopted a human-sized baby beetle. She dressed it really cute but I couldn't get past the hideousness of it. Just ew!

4) I have lived in Tallahassee, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Santaquin, Layton, North Ogden, Murray, East Millcreek, Draper, West Jordan, Salt Lake City and Sandy.

5) I am hot. Well, what I mean to say is that besides the way I look, I usually FEEL hot. After drying and straightening my hair in the mornings, I can be found opening all of the windows in the vicinity and turning my floor fan on high. Phrases like "I CAN'T WAIT TIL IT'S WINTER" and "WHY DOESN'T IT SNOW INSIDE THE HOUSE" come spewing out of my mouth at a fevered pitch. At this point my son will come running into the bathroom and laugh hysterically at my frenzied state. Then he will proceed to inform others in the house that I'm having another 'hot flash'. Dear child. I have to wait until I'm in the parking lot at work to put on my makeup or else it would probably melt off of my face. Yeah, I'm hot!

6) I love the nicknames family and friends have given me. Red. Higgie. Showie. Yikket. Josephine. Chickie. Jodster. Missy. JLW. J-Lo. Higgs. Chod. Yikkety Yikkety Yak. Bodi. Bo Bodi. Momster. Stepmomster. I also love to give nick names!

7) I love playing the Nancy Drew computer games. Okay - I know they are for younger girls and not for moms of teenagers who have hot flashes - but they are sooo much fun. I have played every single game and cannot wait for the next one that comes out next month. I usually giggle maniacally when I see the UPS fairy dropping the box off onto my porch.

So now I tag 7 (or so) people and then I will stalk your blogs and learn random things about you. I tag my real life friends this time: Rusty, Cindstress, Amanda, Tash Bo Bash, Lonna, MCF, Melissa, Carrie, Nicki, Susan, Megan, and Karlie.