Thursday, May 29, 2008

Glorious food

About a month ago, I joined weight watchers. I saw immediate success the first 2 weeks. Then moderate success last week. Fat likes to cling to my body and hang on for dear life - so I was pleased that I had lost 5.8 pounds in three weeks.

My weekly weigh-in (wow, it sounds like I'm a pig that has been entered into a fair) is today. Because of the hibernation that I blogged about yesterday, I have serious concerns about seeing any weight loss. I've been stressed!

I'm sure I'm the only person that does this - but I stress eat. I'm certain this doesn't happen to any of you...does it?

When I'm stressed - I eat. When I have a deadline - I eat. When I'm feeling a happy type of stress - I eat.

When life is good and happy and no stress is in the forecast - when my pulse barely registers a blip - I am able to stick to the plan and monitor every morsel that enters my mouth.


Is it because when I'm stressed I have only one thought on my mind - the stress itself? Or is it that I feel deserving of a yummy treat because I'm being tortured by some kind of anxiety?

I don't exactly know - but I think I'll pay more attention to it this week. Because, inevitably, stress will rear its ugly head and I will try to stuff it back down with pizza and twinkies.

This will be my goal this week - to monitor myself and my binging tendencies - and find out why I allow the unhealthy, calorie-saturated foods into my body.