Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Child Labor

The kids are home for the summer and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

"Hey Connor, after you sand and stain the fence - I need you to weed the yard. Faster! Faster! You're losing daylight."

"Elora, don't forget to smile while you are taking down the broken trampoline ring. Then I need you to wash all the windows and paint the kitchen. Work! Work!"

Creature and Bear (yes, she's there too) are hunting in our backyard savannah. Check out their impressive stealth-like approaches.

Hey, this grass is getting far too long. Looks like someone will have to mow it. Who to choose? Who to choose?

Time for Creature to have a break. He's all tuckered out. I can't say I blame him after all the hard work he endured today. Catching bugs is certainly not easy. Rest, dear one.

"CONNOR - WHY DID YOU STOP SANDING?! Stop slacking and get busy!"

Child labor makes me so very happy.