Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 things and a GIVEAWAY!

Apparently it is blogging tradition to post 100 things about yourself when you reach 100 posts. Please don't fall asleep. There is a reward at the end! Here goes..

1. I won't eat olives.
2. I am an EMT.
3. I was the hula hoop champion of my elementary school.
4. When I was a little girl I was terrified of dogs and was scared to walk to my friend's houses for fear of seeing one.
5. I am a writer/reporter for a city newspaper and cover the government beat.
6. Cottage cheese disgusts me.
7. I crashed a driver's ed car in high school.
8. I burned up my parents brand new car when I was 17. A blog for another day. *Sigh*.
9. I think my husband is perfect for me.
10. I have the most hilarious brothers in the world.
11. Cherry flavoring is gross.
12. I absolutely adore my kids and think they are so fun to be around.
13. I'm not a fan of the colors blue or gray.
14. I am thinking of enshrining and displaying a bag of crazy bread in the foyer of my house.
15. I have had thyroid cancer.
16. I love my cats entirely too much.
17. I love strawberry chapstick and have placed one in my purse, my car, my nightstand, my bathroom, my school bag, the kitchen etc etc.
18. An old boyfriend of mine from high school was killed in the Iraq war.
19. Mean people really do suck.
20. I think my daughter Elora is one of the sweetest people on this earth.
21. I used to race home every day from elementary school to watch the Brady Bunch.
22. I am extremely claustrophobic.
23. I have always wanted to run a marathon.
24. I've never met someone who wasn't interesting to me in some way.
25. I have a son on a mission in Russia.
26. I want to do humanitarian work in another country.
27. My high school had a "nerd day" where we could all dress up as nerds. I proudly won my Sophomore class's "queen nerd". A title I hold dear to my heart.
28. A lot of what I say is sarcastic - but I worry that it comes across as rude. I am just trying to be playful and I would NEVER want to offend someone.
29. I once saw a woman hit her little child a few times and was being horribly mean to her. I burst into tears and told her she had no business being a mother.
30. I talk to my cats in a baby voice.
31. I wouldn't eat cole slaw if my life depended on it. (see #28)
32. My favorite movies are Castaway and Chocolate.
33. One of my favorite songs is "Edelweiss".
34. I have only given birth to one child - Connor. Darren, Elora, and Larissa are my step children (my children, nonetheless).
35. My cat, Creature, follows me wherever I go.
36. I would love to go back in time to see what it was really like for the pioneers.
37. I love history.
38. I have a horrible habit of procrastinating until the last possible minute.
39. I haven't eaten a hamburger or a hot dog in about 17 years.
40. I wish I could go back in time and redo some of my poor decisions in life.
41. I also realize that some of my poor decisions have made me a better person today.
42. My favorite colors are yellow and coral.
43. I like to be by myself to recharge.
44. I like to write poetry.
45. I have an amazing sister that has chosen to live in a cabin that has no running water or indoor plumbing. She grows a lot of her food. I'm planning a blog post about her and her fascinating life.
46. I don't personally know anyone that has a blog. I keep working on friends and family to try it out.
47. I once cried when I saw a dog in the middle of a busy street.
48. I am the third of four children.
49. There is a person in my life that I have difficulty forgiving. I think it's only hurting me but I don't know how to get past it.
50. I love the song "God be with you til we meet again" and could listen to it over and over.
51. I have no musical ability whatsoever - and this is not an exaggeration.
52. I LOVE Bryce Canyon (as if you haven't noticed).
53. My dad tells me that when I was a little girl, I didn't know how to be mad and would say "I'm mad now!"
54. I think my daughter Larissa is hilarious!
55. I love going to temple square and feel so fortunate to live so close to it.
56. My son Connor is going to Europe next month and will skydive in the Swiss Alps.
57. Autumn is my favorite season.
58. Writing this list feels awkward and self-centered to me.
59. Some words make me giggle, like - giggle, shenanigans, broo ha ha (sp?), rural, guru etc. I think I'll try to come up with a blog using all of my favorite words.
60. I love PEZ!
61. If I had a choice between chocolate or pizza - I would choose pizza.
62. I once packed up my little car and moved across country to Florida just for the adventure of it. My car broke down in Tallahassee and that's where I stayed. I lived there for a year.
63. I love learning about other people.
64. Todd loves to make me laugh. I love to laugh!
65. I feel joy, optimism and hope for my future.
66. I love to watch other people's successes.
67. I love the game "cake mania". (Drooping head in shame).
68. I haven't always felt the way I do in #65.
69. I miss working with my friends at VISTA.
70. I've joined weight watchers.
71. I think experiences and adventures are more important and rewarding than "things".
72. My favorite movies growing up were "Karate Kid" and "The Jazz Singer".
73. I won't eat raisins.
74. I have lived in Las Vegas, NV.
75. I want to move to Arizona.
76. I love talk radio.
77. I want to write a book some day.
78. As much as I love the red desert, I have never been to the Grand Canyon.
79. I can't tell jokes. No, seriously, I am horrible at telling jokes.
80. I love classic rock - Styx, Eagles, Journey, Bob Seger, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin
81. My favorite scripture is Mosiah 2:41.
82. I love my Savior.
83. I had three surgeries last year.
84. I have had kidney stones - worst pain I've ever felt.
85. I have never broken a bone.
86. I love ghost stories.
87. I love game night with the fam.
88. I can't wait until I reach #100 of this list! ;)
89. I miss my friend Geri who died a few years ago.
90. I have lived in Sacramento.
91. I want to go to nursing school.
92. I'm terrified of being in an earthquake.
93. I am proud of my son Connor and his excellent grades. He tries hard at everything he does.
94. Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite ice cream. Mmmm.
95. My fingers are double jointed.
96. I dream of a life without money worries.
97. My friend Chen and I stole her parents car when they were out of town. I was the designated driver and didn't have a license.
98. I am proud of my heritage.
99. My parents gave me a wonderful childhood.
100. I want to try yoga.

Okay - since you've endured this long and boring list - I am going to give away some of my favorite things!

Journey CD's, Phase 10, strawberry chapstick, weight watchers cookbook, Chocolat dvd, Time Out for Women devotionals, PEZ! These items are all new except for the chapstick (ew!).

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me something interesting about you! Anything at all. If you don't have a google id - just leave an anonymous comment but be sure to leave your name in your post. I will choose a random name on Monday at 5 pm (MST).

On your mark - get set - go!