Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News Challenged

My dear husband sensing that I'm a wee bit obsessed challenged me to not watch or listen to the news for an entire week.

An entire week!! (Not a typo).

Normally, when I'm not grounded, I like to watch the news while getting dressed and ready for work. Toggling between channels 5 and 13 provides the visual stimuli needed to start the day.

Then, in an obstacle course worthy of American Gladiators - I flip off the tv and run down the stairs, while I simultaneously grab my purse, pet my cats, and yell at to Connor that I'm out in the car. I feel a little thrill when I finally turn the key in the ignition and I hear the soothing sounds of my beloved news station - KSL 1160.

Lunchtime news gives me an added jolt through my work day and I unwind with KSL again on my drive home.

Is this behavior a little abnormal or do you feel as addicted as I do? With the economy and the presidential elections and the OJ Simpson trial - are you drawn to the radio and the tv like I am?

I'm not sure I'll survive the week - I'll let you know. But looking on the bright side - I did find a music station that plays 80's music during my lunch hour.

Duran Duran just may keep me sane!