Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Todd and I went to the farm for a walk today and were distracted by a few of the residents. I thought I'd share our incidents. Beware of cute animals at Wheeler Farm. They can be deceiving.

We arrived at the trailhead stretched and ready for our merry jaunt and were accosted by this Trail Troll.

He wouldn't let us pass until we said the magic password. Clearly you can tell that he delighted in our discomfort.

We weren't impressed with his preening and sensed that he was mocking us.

Todd finally lost control and launched into a malicious tyrade - using words I've never heard before. Wow.

The feathered troll, apparently fed up with Todd's name-calling, finally called his supervisor Larry for back-up.

Look at Larry's cocky attitude as he struts his stuff.

They even had the nerve to sit while mocking us which we used to our advantage.
We ran past these no good *&^%@$ lilly livered ^%#*@ trolls and left nothing but dust in our wake. HA!

We then happened upon a cage of hecklers clearly up to no good.

We aren't sure but we think there might be gangs in this cage.

Todd made a quick stop.

After leaving the slums, we came across this little shanty.

We were so excited for a party - anything to get out of exercising, but alas, it was all locked up. We suspect the trolls had something to do with it.

Thankfully, we then walked through the better part of the farm and saw love and adorable-ness.

Our faith in God's creatures restored, we were able to enjoy a nice stroll through the woods.

Jello anyone?

No more wisdom teeth for our wise girl.

*Posted by permission.