Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beast in the Basement

I don't think I've ever blogged about the beast that lives in my basement. If you like spooky stories - here's a good one.

This murderous beast has a history of stalking neighborhoods and frightening all that had the misfortune of crossing his path.

He was known to be the ringleader in neighborhood gangs and once killed a cat and left its corpse to wither and rot in Todd's mom's backyard.

He has horrific social manners proven by his incessant hacking and sputtering. It is truly disgusting to behold.

He became homeless a year ago and because of his old age (and the fact that I JUST CAN'T SAY NO) he came to live with us.

Since he has a homicidal past - we felt it was best to keep him locked up in our basement. We let him out into our backyard often and the last time he was out there I snapped off a few shots - mainly to show proof of his hideous and tortured existence. I'm sure he lives with the guilt daily.

Take a look into the eyes of fierceness...

This 25 pound behemoth is not as innocent and sweet as he looks.

Small children and clowns flee when they catch a glimpse of his monstrous size.
(please don't notice the gigantic cracks in my patio)

Here he is in all of his lazy lounging glory.

We sleep well at night knowing that he is too old to hurt any other poor innocent critters. We are continually hopeful that his murderous past is behind him.

**Besides husbands, do you have or do you know someone or something that should be kept locked up in a basement for the welfare and safety of others.