Monday, August 25, 2008

Fire on the mountain - part 2

Well, the fires have died down - thank goodness!! It was very interesting for a while there. Apparently the fires came fairly close to some homes and people were evacuated. No homes have been destroyed but it was too close for comfort. Thanks for your phone calls and emails. Love you guys!

Here is a view of the fires tonight.

A few hours ago.


Apparently everyone driving down our hill was just as interested in the fires as I was.

Here is a view from Connor's school. (Yes, we really do live this far away from schools. Grrr!!)

Hey, I found the Microsoft Paint program which showcases my absolute inability to draw. Straight arrows are apparently too complicated! LOL.

But moving on....

I hate that the beautiful hills have been destroyed by fire but glad no one was hurt!

Waaaaay too close. This temple is still under construction.

View from Larissa's school.

Our community's fire station - under construction.

Oh, the irony.


Jan said...

Oh my gosh that was so close to you and the school and temple. Wow. And that last photo of the fire station under construction is a classic. At least it is under control :)

Michelle said...

Oh JLW. Glad you guys are ok and Creature's dwelling is safe (let's face it - it's his house). I love the work you did in MS Paint. You must have spent oodles of hours (at VSS perhaps?) perfecting your art. Have you thought of traveling the world displaying your work? LOL Just teasing. Watch out for angry smoky seagulls.

McEwens said...

glad you are ok, does your inside of your home smell smokey??? That is close to the temple!

da Bergs said...

Wow... look at the smoke by the school! Guess that means no PE, yeah!!! Glad no one is hurt!!! Is that ONE fire or several? Do they know if someone started it???

Redhoodoos said...

Shaila - the wind turned it into several fires. They think it might have been human-caused. I'm stil laughing about your boys. Scary!

binders said...

Yikes! I must admit though- I'm hoping the guy who lives between you and that fire and DIDN'T hire me to do his landscape design was freaking out today. You see, the reason he decided he didn't want my services is because I talked about 'firescaping' his landscaping- it's a method of landscaping used to reduce the likelyhood that your house will catch on fire in the event of a wild fire.

The people who installed it instead have put trees and all kinds of kindling right next to his house which sits right on the edge of that canyon. Ha! I say and again HA! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that no homes or people were hurt but a little part of me is smiling as I think of him going 'maybe I should have listened to that OTHER landscaper'! Yes, dude, you should have!

And I hearby accept your begging and will deign to join you and Jen as kitten-heeled 'lunch Moms' next week. I shall even blog about it because, dang, I'm hooked on blogging!

Mechelle said...

VERY CLOSE. We had the same thing happen to us last year and I had the rebuilding plan all worked out. Our home is still standing but the rebuilding plan is also still standing. Maybe I will use part of it someday. Glad you did not have to come up with a rebuilding plan. M

Scrappy Girl said...

Glad you are all safe and that no homes were lost.

Tammy said...

I am so happy that you guys are safe. Take care!!! Our prayers are with your family and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you all are safe!

That's funny about the fire station!

And you had to know the temple would be safe!!!!

Lisa said...

You are one step ahead of me--I have never even opened MS Paint. I live for good irony--so the fire station under construction is my new fav. Your schools are really that far away?? Yikes!And of course--so grateful you and yours are safely gathered in.