Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where in the world is Connor? And a TAG!

My spunky son is roaming the globe for the next two weeks! I'm missing him something fierce.

Right now he's in England touring castles.

Thursday he'll see this.

Next week he'll SKYDIVE (!) over the Swiss Alps.

He'll end his trip in Rome.

He's my world traveler, for sure!

Hey! I was tagged by the wonderful Jan! Go see her funny post about a phone call she received. I laughed and laughed!

I'm supposed to come up with six words that describe my life. This was not easy!

Here they are:

  • Changing
  • Abundant
  • Busy
  • Fun
  • Faithful
  • Learning

Now I tag 5 people - and this was not easy either! I want to tag all of you.

1. Miss Mattie 2. Comcewens 3. Mother Goose 4. Tammy 5. Kitchen Ditcher

I'm hopping over to your blogs right now to let you know you've been tagged.

Have a super day!


COMcewens said...

DANG, I thought I was in a good hiding place! K, So I am playing! EVERYONE better start running! HERE I COME!

Redhoodoos said...

LOL - gotcha!

COMcewens said...

HOW fun to sky dive! I wanted to comment before they have their outage at 530! I hope you post lots of pictures!!

LOL read about how you tagged me on my blog!!!

Jan said...

What an adventure. To be able to do that at his age, wow. I love that shot of the Alps.

Sound of music bite- The hills are alive - with the screams of Conner - Ah aha ah. That's what came to mind. lol

Loved your list. I can feel that from you. All those good things. I like the changing word. I think that is very important to love about ourselves.

Miss Mattie will be beyond thrilled. Thanks for tagging her. She will love it when she gets back. Bye Red.

Frumpy Luv said...

How fun for Connor - hope he is taking lots of pics you blog of his adventures later - skydiving is something I don't think I could ever do, but sounds like so much fun!!!!

Loved your list - this is a fun tag!!

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

Well I sure hope that Connor took a camera and takes tons of pictures- ecspecially of castles. How cool is that.

da Bergs said...

Holy cow, what a lucky dude!!! So, WHY oh WHY did you NOT go WITH him??!!!! And, yes, we want pics posted when he gets home!!!

Mother Goose said...

OHH what a fun trip. Is he doing this with his high school class?? we had a european trip as well. Thanks for the tag! I can do this one.

kitchenditcher said...

OMG!! I am so excited!! Gotta go and list my things! CYA!

Mechelle said...

Love your list. Wonderful words. M

Mechelle said...

Love your list. Wonderful words. M

Anonymous said...

WOW! he is one lucky guy getting to travel to all of those fabulous places!!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Skydiving! OMGoodness I would be scared to death. Would love to see some of the things he is seeing though!

julie said...

My sister is no longer in town so I have time to blog again. I have been a real loser blogger lately.

So jealous of your son adventures!!! So smart that he is doing it while he is young and free-er.

♥miss-mattie♥ said...

I'll do that. Thanks for your nice comments.
Bye bye.♥ ;)