Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

I need your advice - what would you have done?

First, I should tell you that a) I don't get easily offended, b) I'm not a demanding and picky person, and c) I don't have high expectations of people I don't know.

I splurged on a pedicure today because I felt I sorry for any poor soul who had the misfortune of looking at my scaly, crust-infested feet.

I strolled into the shop and asked for a pedicure. The man that greeted me grunted and head-nodded toward the polishes - indicating that I should pick one out.

Okay then.

I picked one out and looked for my greeter to know which seat I should go to. The greeter was gone - maybe he spontaneously-combusted - not sure. So I looked at one of the ladies that worked there. She was slouched in one of the pedicure chairs, watching tv. She head-nodded for me to sit in one of the chairs to her left. As it was only a head-nod, and not an actual finger-point, it was unclear to me which chair she wanted me to sit in. My bad. Then, horrors of all horrors, I asked her to tell me again which chair she wanted me to sit in. She didn't answer me.

Here is where I felt the first inklings of irritation. Did she not hear me? Was she ignoring me?

I stood awkwardly and then just sat in a chair - the one furthest away from her.

The lady that did my pedicure came and sat down at the foot of the chair and started filling the tub with water. Since she didn't even look at me, I'm sure she didn't notice that I'm human and would be burned by the literally scalding water she filled the tub with. After she grunted for me to put my feet in the water, I committed the unpardonable sin of telling her it was too hot.

Remember B from above? I'm not picky. I would normally just put up with the hot water if it was a little on the hot side. In fact, I like hot. But, this was devilishly hot water.

So, without skipping a beat, she turned off the hot water and poured cold water into the tub. I wasn't about to tell her that it was now too cold when I put my feet back in. No, sirree!

Still without looking at me or even acknowledging that she was aware of my perplexed existence, she busied herself with my feet and I turned on the chair massager.

I was not expecting a grand conversation full of heartfelt exchanges - but a "hello" would have been nice. A smile would have been cool. Pfft.

Did I walk in on a argument between the workers there? It's Friday the 13th - were they all just having one of those days? Did I walk in with a scowl on my face that set off the whole bad experience? Do they just not enjoy their jobs? I had to laugh at this theory because, really, they have to work with people's feet all day. Especially my feet. How can that be fun? Still, if it was me - I would want that tip - a nice tip - and force myself to be pleasant.

These were the sorts of things I was thinking about while she was vigorously working on my feet. Then I realized I was just being ridiculous by being so curious about the whole thing. Why did I have to sit there and analyze possible reasons for their behavior? I hate that I over-analyze things. And I hate that I analyze my over-analyzing.

Then, they all started talking to each other in a language I didn't understand. All of them were chatting and laughing.

I went back to analyzing. Okay, clearly, I didn't walk into an argument and they aren't having a bad day. They are just being rude!

I silently fumed in my massage chair and thought of the way I would leave without tipping. Would I just not tip and then leave? Would I say something about the poor treatment and then leave?

Then, she started massaging my legs. Then she dipped my feet in wax. Then she painted my toes.

Begrudgingly, it occurred to me that she was doing a really really good job, despite being super unfriendly and rude.

Here was my dilemma. She was unfriendly but did a really good job.

Do I tip or don't I? What do you think? What would you have done? What do you think I did?


Frumpy Luv said...
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Frumpy Luv said...

I hate that I over-analyze things. And I hate that I analyze my over-analyzing."

This is me, too!!!!! It is exhausting keeping up with all of the analyzing I do!!

I don't get this type of behaviour. I just don't. It makes me upset you had to go through it. People can either make us feel welcomed or like an outsider, and the energy level it requires is about the same for both.

Wake up and be nice!!!!! I can't stand it when people are either really unaware or just don't care.

I don't know that I'd have the guts to leave no tip, but I think I would leave a small one.

If there was somebody there that you could communicate with, I think I would tell them about your experience. I am guessing there might be a language barrier which makes them feel uncomfortable engaging in conversation - but still, as you said, you were really only look for "hello."

(man, maybe i should have just posted about this on my blog and sent you a link instead of ranting on your comment section!!)

Anonymous said...

Your question is "Do I tip or don't I?" well my dear, if you are still thinking about whether or not you should go back and leave a tip then I'd say it's too late to go back and to just let it go.

Perhaps they had a death in the family or they have a superstition with blondes on Friday the 13.

Really, I don't leave tips, or much of a tip, UNLESS the person does a "great" job then I tip well. Now you know why I'm hard on tipping.

Jan said...

I just don't get along with rude. Yesterday I tipped 2 people that don't even get tips. I just was so pleased that they were nice. They were shocked. Well I am almost to the point that I am shocked when people are nice.

So I tip those that need to be reminded it pays to be nice and I don't tip for those that need to be reminded it doesn't pay to be rude. Take care..

Anonymous said...

I only tip the nice people....I don't tip the rude ones.

It pays to be nice :)

da Bergs said...

Yes, you tipped... coz you are SO nice! Hummm... I am just curious, what did this GREAT job, rude treatment cost you??!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Babe... What did it cost you... I mean US?


The Broad Squad said...

I am SO sorry your day of pampering ended this way! I guess I would have tipped, cause she did do her job..... but I would look For another place for following pedicures!

Redhoodoos said...

LOL. I tipped. ;)

da Bergs said...

Wow, LOL... I think that it was worth it, you got a great deal! So, we will be in Utah over the 4th! So... Where is this place located?

The Motherboard said...

if they are rude, then no tip. No matter how awesome of a job they did.

It constantly amazes me that people in the customer service industry haven't figured out being nice=good tip.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Its fun to find new ones to read!

kitchenditcher said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! I have had this exact experience. Almost made me feel guilty for even being there.

I did tip (not very much) but she actually looked at me, went over the list of everything she did and told me it wasn't enough!!! Can you believe that?

So nicey, no tippy!

Redhoodoos said...

It is a good deal - just expect to be grunted at alot! LOL.

I think the place is called US Nails and Spa at 9860 S 700 E
in Sandy. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Redhoodoos said...

Kitchen Ditcher - that's really sad! Wow.

Tasha said...

This was a terrible experience and you should not have tipped! Yikes what poor customer service.