Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bird nest M.I.A.

This is a picture of my front porch (as I'm looking out the front door) taken on May 19.

You can clearly see a bird's nest at the top of the pillar.

More proof of its existence.

And this is the view from today as I went to see the nest's progress.


More proof of its non-existence.

I'm just wondering if I offended the little bird. Or possibly he packed up and moved out due to the SNOW we had this morning. Possibly the wind blew his home away?

A big mystery.

If you see some offended looking homeless bird wandering aimlessly around your neighborhood - send him my way so I can organize some type of bird humanitarian project to rebuild his little abode.



A Couple of Kitchen Ditchers said...

it just left??? WOW! You are quite lucky!

kitchenditcher said...

Maybe the bird worked for IBM (I've Been Moved)! Techno bird!

COMcewens said...

Oh you never cease to amaze me how witty you are!! Glad you have birds that work for IBM!

Anonymous said...

CraZy! But...don't you have a Cat? Maybe the cat scared the birds away & I guess maybe they took their nest with them??? Maybe it was a Mobile Bird House??? ha ha!

Anonymous said...

It was taken by eminent domain. The bird nest was vacant, or perhaps the bird house movers came? I really have no idea where it went because it survived some pretty windy and stormy days to just be gone on a calm day is just weird.

Jan said...

Maybe they have retired and our now "empty nesters". I just had to throw that one in..

da Bergs said...

Uh..... did you look on the ground? °Ü°

Redhoodoos said...

Lol - You guys are awesome!