Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dan Fogelberg


I went to Dan Fogelberg's website to see if he had a concert tour this summer. I found out that he passed away last December from prostate cancer. HUH? How did I not know this?

Todd and I saw him at a Deer Valley concert when we were first married. It was incredible to say the least. In my opinion there is no greater singer/songwriter.

I am heartbroken.

Here is one of his more famous songs:

And here is my favorite Fogelberg song.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you find out a little sooner when I pass away.

Anonymous said...

Folgerberg was the best Stinker songwriter! Huh? Huh? Cuz he stinks? Anyone? Is this thing on?

But seriously, folgerberg sucks.


Redhoodoos said...

Bean - you are banned from the blog for making such an outrageously innacurate comment. To say that Folgelberg sucks is like saying dad tells funny jokes - it simply ain't true. May God have mercy on your soul.