Monday, January 21, 2008


Forgive me for being a 'flake', so to speak, but I just can't believe how much snow we have today.
I know my posts usually only contain dialogue about our snow and my cats. I'll try to be more clever in the future.

But until the cleverness hits me... WOW - look at these pictures of our snow!

You can clearly see that a dent was made in clearing the front steps.

The circular thing you can barely see is our trampoline frame.

Darren - striking a pose by our mailbox. Darren is 8'9".

Our front steps were clear yesterday.

Darren's car before he took a broom to it.

No 'snowblog' would be complete without a picture of my main man. Here he is trying to find the sidewalk.

Hey, Todd - maybe now is a good time to put the house up for sale. Some foolish people actually like this much snow. Oh wait - you like this much snow.



Snow Bean said...

Worst storm we've had in a while. I'm thinking about moving to Phoenix or possibly this place called Suncrest. It sounds like a tropical utopia.

Elora said...

I can only hope it snows like this tomorrow, then I'll get a second day off! Yipeee!

Redhoodoos said...

Snow Bean - I know of a cute house for sale. It looks just like the one in the pictures.

Redhoodoos said...

Ha ha Elora - you had to go to school. =p

BoBash said...

I used to want to move to suncrest, but maybe you guys should move?