Saturday, September 27, 2008


Cute Tammy tagged me! Thanks.

The rules of the tag are to name 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 others.

Let the randomness begin!

1) I am extremely claustrophobic. I hate being trapped or confined in any way. Shudder!

2) I have an ice-cube fixation. I love ice. I have ice with me at all times of the day.

3) The other night I had a dream that my SIL adopted a human-sized baby beetle. She dressed it really cute but I couldn't get past the hideousness of it. Just ew!

4) I have lived in Tallahassee, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Santaquin, Layton, North Ogden, Murray, East Millcreek, Draper, West Jordan, Salt Lake City and Sandy.

5) I am hot. Well, what I mean to say is that besides the way I look, I usually FEEL hot. After drying and straightening my hair in the mornings, I can be found opening all of the windows in the vicinity and turning my floor fan on high. Phrases like "I CAN'T WAIT TIL IT'S WINTER" and "WHY DOESN'T IT SNOW INSIDE THE HOUSE" come spewing out of my mouth at a fevered pitch. At this point my son will come running into the bathroom and laugh hysterically at my frenzied state. Then he will proceed to inform others in the house that I'm having another 'hot flash'. Dear child. I have to wait until I'm in the parking lot at work to put on my makeup or else it would probably melt off of my face. Yeah, I'm hot!

6) I love the nicknames family and friends have given me. Red. Higgie. Showie. Yikket. Josephine. Chickie. Jodster. Missy. JLW. J-Lo. Higgs. Chod. Yikkety Yikkety Yak. Bodi. Bo Bodi. Momster. Stepmomster. I also love to give nick names!

7) I love playing the Nancy Drew computer games. Okay - I know they are for younger girls and not for moms of teenagers who have hot flashes - but they are sooo much fun. I have played every single game and cannot wait for the next one that comes out next month. I usually giggle maniacally when I see the UPS fairy dropping the box off onto my porch.

So now I tag 7 (or so) people and then I will stalk your blogs and learn random things about you. I tag my real life friends this time: Rusty, Cindstress, Amanda, Tash Bo Bash, Lonna, MCF, Melissa, Carrie, Nicki, Susan, Megan, and Karlie.


Lisa Loo said...

I continue to be stunned/amazed/weirded out/happy that you and I are so alike!! Thank you for clarifying the hot thing. I had my suspicions-but won't go in to the Dr. My kids' favorite is when I get claustrophobic and hot all at the same time! I don't think I have ever seen giggle and maniacally in the same sentence before. It's a whole new visual. Kind of like Bambi and the witch from Sleeping Beauty. And last but not least--the beetle dream--you need to put a warning on your posts to use the bathroom before reading--you are so funny. Glad to have you back even if it is just once in awhile.

Jan said...

Fun stuff Red. I can relate to the hottie thing. I am the same way. I never thought about snowing in the house. I have been known to put my jeans in the freezer before I put them on. Seriously works to cool me down after the shower. :) Now that is random and weird. Ooppss..

Tammy said...

Wow!!! Aside from the hot can laugh at me someday when they hit...we are very much alike, except the entire nickname thing. I am also a Nancy Drew Computer game fanatic...DOn't feel bad!!!
I lvoe it and I love you!!!

Mechelle said...

exremely claustrophobic here also! I have dreams about being in a underground tunnel and not being able to get out.

SO do you have a little water with your ice? Like the cup is so full of ice that only a little water fits in. Helps to cool you off! Hottie! Hey there is another nickname.

Love your dream aobut the baby beetle. What did you eat before bed.

Thanks for playing Red Hot! Hey yet another nick name. I think I will stick with this one. m

Megan Rees said...

Oh my gosh! I play the Nancy Drew games too! I thought I was the only lame one! But I don't buy them--I get them at the library. And my snobby computerishness won't let me do anything before the 9th one because they are different and older and they bug me. That is so funny!

McEwens said...

Hey you! I too dont care to be in small enclosed spaces!! Never played the Nancy drew games, I think I am missing something!

wonder woman said...

The other day hubby and I were watching a movie where someone was getting an MRI and I realized how incredibly horrible that would be for someone who's clausterphobic.

My sixth grade teacher said one day when like 3 kids were surrounding her desk that she was clausterphobic and I laughed 'cuz I thought she made up a word.

And that's a REALLY weird dream. Seriously. You oughtta get that checked out. =D

Mother Goose said...

great to know bits about you! YOU ARE HOT!! so, you are going through hot flashes too! LOL
but at least you look good! I am a bit claustrophobic as well, and can freak myself into a full on attack.

Susan said...

Too funny! You are too young for hot flashes. You may like those games for younger kids but I love the Disney preteen sitcoms, Hannah Montanah, Suite Life with Zack and Cody etc. We are just kids at heart! I will get to my tagging soon.

Anonymous said...

HEY RED! gosh....i finally found your blog again!!! ♥

and i love your 7 things!!! you are so funny!

I am with ya on #1! whooo weee!

and i love all the nicknames!!!! ha haaaa!!!!!

i love NANCY i bet i would love the Video Games, too!!!

great tag RED!!!

Anonymous said...

i saw your FOLLOW ME thing... so i am FOLLOWING you NOW!!!! :) yAY!

COME on over to my blog and FOLLOW ME, TOO!!!!! :P

Scrappy Girl said...

I'm a hot momma too...LOL!

loved learning more about ya!

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!
Snowing the house? Genius!
Nancy Drew? You are awesome!

Cute post Red.

binders said...

Okay- I finally responded to your tag on my blog. It was HARD coming up with 7 random yet marginally interesting things! Yours are hillarious as always though.

this is it said...

I've checked you out and I think you are highly worthy of being I'm stalking you!