Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence, bear hunting, and photo ineptitude

Todd and I made a jaunt up to Yellowstone over the weekend. As usual, it was a blast - although too short. Our last trip to Yellowstone in May was sooo amazing and we had high hopes of seeing another grizzly. Unfortunately, no such luck.

But we did see moose.

And buffalo a plenty.

And a baby wolf!!!

This was actually very exciting. As usual, I was behind the camera and was too excited to get a good shot. This fuzzy mess was the best photo of the bunch. Pfft.

And adorable Creatures.

And elk.

Todd captured a great shot of me.

This shot was taken during our bear hunt.

Yellowstone lake.

Incredible fields full of these flowers - everywhere!

As usual, a wonderful weekend with my main man! Can't wait to go again.

But, the best part of the trip was picking up Larissa on our way home. We missed our spunky girl!

Hope you all had a happy 4th!


Jan said...

I love Yellowstone park. It is always so much fun to see. I always see so many different things. Once I left my drivers license there at the lodge. It was mailed to me. That's tops.

I love nature and all those pictures are fantastic. I love the wolf. They are so big in real huh? I was surprised when I saw some. They are so big. Good shot too. I would have been shaking as well.

Thanks for the wonderful photo shoot for us to enjoy Red. Looks like fun with the Hubby.

Mechelle said...

That is a great photo of you! Have you thought of giving up the sunflower for the "hand" photo? Love the post. LOVE Yellowstone. I worked at in the Grand Teton National Park for years and we always run up to Yellow stone. Thanks for bringing back great memories! m

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

I love all of these pictures, they really make me want to make the journey to Yellowstone. Someday i hope. I love the picture you got of the moon, just last night at "the cabin" i tried to capture the moon and just could not quite get it. I am glad that you had a safe trip and glad to see that Larissa is home!

Frumpy Luv said...

The pictures make me - also - want to go back to Yellowstone - what a fantastic place!!! Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

WOW! One day I am going to go to Yellowstone!!!! Those pictures are Great!

Tammy said...

Believe it or not i have never been to yellowstone. I am dying to go, but it would take a bit longer for us to make it there than we have got...Someday!!!!

Redhoodoos said...

You guys are awesome. I love waking up to your comments! You make my day.

Mother Goose said...

OHHH my goodness, I have never been more nostalgic! I yearn to take my children to Yellowstone. I went a few times when I was in college. I am going to have to look up what the cost would be for our family. Maybe, we would have to go in the winter, but we have tentative plans for Hawaii in Feb. Thanks for this post!! I am going to show dh. Maybe, he will get an itching to go sooner.

Redhoodoos said...

If you go in the winter - there are lots of snowmobiling places. FUN FUN!

Michelle said...

Are you sure that's a baby wolf? Looks like a fox to me. Then again, the picture is kinda blurry. Maybe it's an elk-dog.

julie said...

So we did the Grand Canyon on the fourth and will do Yellowstone in a month and you are doing the opposite. Funny!

Did you camp in Yellowstone?

Redhoodoos said...

We stayed in a motel in Island Park. You are going to have sooo much fun!