Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beware of Wesley Berry Flowers!

I'm sending an email and posting about an experience I had - to warn you of a horrible company that I think defrauded me.

The company is WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS. Don't go there!! Whatever you do - stay away from this company.

Here is my experience...

A few weeks ago I googled florists and found this company. Their website is very professional and looked pretty legitimate. It's at

Have any of you ever heard of them?

I called customer service and ordered flowers and a dozen cookies. I wanted them sent to someone in a hospital out of state. I gave them my credit card. The money was taken out of my account the same day.

The next day I received an email from this company saying that they didn't have my item in stock and it wasn't delivered. Huh? An email? A day later?

I called them and asked what they were going to do. "I will request a refund for you. You will receive a refund in your account in 10-15 business days."

What?!! Why did they even take the money out of my account if they didn't have the item in stock? Couldn't they have found this out sooner so the recipient could still get her flowers before she checked out of the hospital?

So I've been silently fuming the last few weeks. Each day I check my account. Each day the refund is not there.

I decided to call them today. Clearly, I was not happy. I was ready to tell them of their poor customer service.

As a side note - it really takes a lot to get me mad. I am a pretty easy-going person.

I called a few minutes ago and spoke with a woman in their customer service department.

Me: Poor you. You had to take this phone call. I'm not happy at all.
Her: Sigh. Were you just speaking to someone? (I thought this was fairly 'telling')
Me: No.
Her: Sigh. What's the matter?

I explained the situation. Told her I was unhappy that they debited the money out of my account if the item wasn't even available. blah blah blah.

Her: Just a minute. Click - she put me on hold. I wait. MAAM - Your money will be taken out within 24 hours.
Me: You mean it will be put back 'into' my account, right?
Her: Oh yes, that's what I meant. Thanks for calling. BYE.
Me: Wait!
Her: Click.

She hung up on me.

I was sooo not done with that conversation. I didn't hear one "sorry for the inconvenience". Not even a simple "sorry". Nothing but rudeness. I was calm throughout the entire conversation. Never once was I rude to her.

I called her back because now I was as mad as a hornet. I wasn't going to be calm anymore!! Someone picked up the phone and hung it up again.


I am just astounded. I got online and found that I'm clearly not the only one who has had problems with this company. There were pages and pages of complaints.

I will be calling a manager on Tuesday morning if there is not a refund in my account.

It's not the money that upsets me. It's the way I've been treated. They took my money. Didn't send the flowers and then told me it would be 2-3 weeks before I would get my money back.

I don't understand why some people/companies can't be honest and forthright.

So beware of this company. Tell your friends to beware. It is a nationwide online florist. I hope I see my money on Monday - but I'm not counting on it.


On a happy note - have a great Sunday!


Frumpy Luv said...

I am mad for you!!! This is so very irritating. I can't believe you got hung up on - twice!!!! OH - this is so frustrating!! I seriously hope you get your money back soon!!

Mother Goose said...

my issue is so they company was out of stock of what you ordered. Why not give a comparable flower and cookie package? They are a bunch of morons! I would have still deleted the money and replaced it with a comparable one or one of the next packages that cost the next step up, notified and sent an apology.
because 90% of the time people just want something to get there on a specific date. If there was a problem later with customer not being happy with the compensation that was offered than a discussion would be in order.

But, they did not offer to compensate anything or re credit your account.

Jan said...

Sorry Red. I should send you some flowers and cookies.

Companies like this are so troubling. I just don't get it at all. You have to be made to feel like the bad guy. I never like that. Sorry Red. Take care and I hope it all works out for you. Appreciate the warning too.

da Bergs said...

HOLY COW! Thanks for the warning! But, I feel bad for you! That just stinks!!! What kind of Co does that??!!! HOW did you find out "on line" that they had pages and pages of complaints! I cant believe the lady hung up on you AND then when you called back they picked up and hung up!!!!

tammy said...

That's terrible! I agree with Mother Goose, most companies would've done what she said. Clearly that company is getting a lot of complaints, which explains that woman's attitude, but it in no way excuses it or makes it right. I hate how the customer/client/patient is always made to feel like they're wrong nowadays.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Thanks for the heads up! That is so frustrating. I've been through similar things and it's horrible!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

So sorry that happened to you! Thanks for the warning! ♥ Hugs!

Tammy said...

Sorry this happened to you. I hope they come through. Please don't forget to contact the better business bureau... What they are doing is illegal. If it is not in there Tuesday it's time to get more angry until they get the point. Hang in there!!!

Tammy said...

Sorry this happened to you. I hope they come through. Please don't forget to contact the better business bureau... What they are doing is illegal. If it is not in there Tuesday it's time to get more angry until they get the point. Hang in there!!!

DesertHen said...

Thank you for the warning. What an awful company!! I hope you get it all worked sure to document all of your calls and give a heads up to your bank as well just in case they try to take more money from your account. ( that happened to a friend of mine...same type of story as yours...except over a period of about three months, the company kept taking out money at different times...once they have your info, they keep it and use it!! )

Caroline Marshall - Foster said...

I'm editor of a trade magazine for real florists in the UK - Florist &Wholesale Buyer ( would first of all, on behalf of all real florists, say sorry you have experienced such a dreadful experience with your flower purchase.
It would seem that you have tried to buy flowers from what we call an order gatherer - i.e not a real bricks and morter florist shop but a call centre operation who use the power of the internet to gather orders and then pass them on to a florist shop or ship in a box taking anything in the region of 32% and more for the priviledge.

This practice is becoming more and more prevelent and not only short changes you as a customer but, because the order is not taken and made by the shop near your recipient, opens you up to problems and delays.

My best advice is to use a real florist shop in the area ... not one of the big name operators as you should get a far better experience.

Hope that helps in the future,
Kind regards,
Caroline Marshall - Foster

Redhoodoos said...

Caroline - thank you for your comment. I think I understand a lot better how things work with this type of company. I have definitely learned a lesson and will order through a florist next time.

Doran & Jody said...

Naughty people. They need to write an apology and someone needs to take away their allowance.

Michelle said...

Oh JLW that totally sucks. I would love to hear you call them tomorrow and chew 'em out. GRR! Reminds me of my horrific experience with Furniture Warehouse a few years ago. If I haven't already told you that lovely story, remind me to next time I see you! I hope you are able to get your money back from these jerks!!

Scott and Lonna said...

Good thing for Blogging, so we have a way to get info out quickly to our peeps about these kinds of companies! Keep us all posted on the final outcome of this. How frustrating to have to go thru all that! But on the bright side of things HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :)