Thursday, October 2, 2008


<--- This is me today.

Can you believe I called in sick to work? I haven't even been there a month yet. It's killing me.

I feel awful!! I've slept all morning and haven't even felt well enough to play the Nancy Drew game that showed up on my porch yesterday.

It occurred to me yesterday that I haven't had the flu or a cold for about a year because I haven't worked for the past year. Working in an office is like the daycare syndrome. When one person gets it - we all get it.

So this weekend, I'm stocking up on all things anti-sickness - hand sanitizer, vitamins etc etc.

What do you do to fight off evil germs?


Mechelle said...

Wash your hands! But you already know that.

Vit. C is one of the best things to build up your bodies natural defenses.

Lots of sleep also.

Good luck. Love your photo. m

wonder woman said...

I always thought you were attractive. This photo of you seals the deal!

To ward of the evil germs, I pray and read my scriptures and take dinner to someone every night. =D

Hope you feel better soon! Superman was sick as a dog (whatever that means) on Monday. Took a sick day. Never does that! So it's not just you. Cruddy stuff is going around

McEwens said...

Sleep..... drink lots (ok lets define drinking.... nothing that is stronger than OJ) Hope you feel better

Jan said...

Go to a motel. It works everytime. Just take sanitizer and germ spray.

Poor thing. I would bring you chicken noodle soup if you were closer.

Love the picture. Maybe hay is the cure all answer. Let us know :)

Anonymous said...

I Love you! I hate to see you sick. One thing about Jodi (aka: Red) is that she never cowards down to sickness so if she is taking a day to get better then she "is" really sick. Jodi is one of the strongest willed people I know, and in a good way. She doesn't let things kick her butt. She picks up and moves on. She's very motivating to be around. Get well soon Babe!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hope you get well soon! That picture is hilarious...I feel that way every now and then.

Fe2O3 said...

You're supposed to add: "call me when you feel better so I can come home." J/K

Jodi, sorry to hear you're having a Cuzco day. To feel better, trick Izma into letting you drink from the bottle with the red hoodoo on it. Get lots of sleep.

Take care...and anything else you can get your hands on.

Mother Goose said...

I wash my hands always. I use anti bacterial hand gel, and I take vitamin C. That airborne stuff is suppose to be really good. If I feel a bad cold coming on. I take theraflu right away.
Hope you get to feeling better! So, sorry you are feeling down.

da Bergs said...

Omigosh, when I first got on your blog, I thought... "HOW did she get that picture of me??!!!" LOL...

I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Frumpy Luv said...

love the picture

with three small children in our house - there is not much to do but hope for the best!!!!

Hope you get feeling much better soon!!!!!!!! Get better J-diddy.

Motherboard said...

Wash your hands and lysol disinfectant spray. I lysol everything!

Hope your feeling better soon!!

kitchenditcher said...

Hey, I just heard about this today. A friend came in to work today and said that her doctor told her to get this stuff called
Broncholin. It is an herbal honey, menthol syrup that you can add to a drink but it's supposed to stop a cold from going into bronchitis. It's not a prescription but can be found in a grocery store. My friend said she found it at a "Food for Less" but not in the medicine section but near the shampoo! Go figure!

Hope you feel better fast!

Tammy said...

voo doo dolls hung up in your workspace to resemble your co-workers...they tend to not hang around with you after that and your health stays strong!!!

Truly though, I hope you feel better and that you and nancy are adventuring soon!!!

Anonymous said...




binders said...

I made some wonderful HOMEMADE Chicken Noodle Soup today- I even made the noodles and chicken stock from scratch! I should bring you some, sounds like you need it. Sorry you're sick (but at least you got to blog!)

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

That really funny.
bye bye.♥☺♥

Lisa Loo said...

Now I know you are my twin seperated at birth!

Lisa Loo said...

oh yeah ---and I'm sorry you are sick--I hopw that being twins I don't catch it by osmosis or thought patterns or whatever!!