Thursday, August 7, 2008


Remember how I blogged about getting ready to go to the Grand Canyon and even left a few oozy comments on your blogs about my excitement?

Friends and family may recall me saying something like, "Golly, I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. I can't wait!"

Reservations were made, maps purchased, and the route was planned. Wayyy in advance.

Here is a picture of our Grand Canyon trip.....

That's right. We didn't go. We used the trip money for a family gift instead.

Literally the night before we were supposed to leave, Todd and I bailed. We started thinking that since we combined two families when we married - why not get a family gift?!

So there you have it. And now I really really want to go to the Grand Canyon. Soon you'll hear me say...."Golly, I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. I can't wait!" But hey - my kids are happy.

In all seriousness - I just didn't feel like going. Weird! Me not wanting to go on a road trip is just downright strange.

However, we did make alternate plans.

After the girls left for their mom's house, Todd and I decided to go camping in the Uinta's and scout out some wild animals - our favorite pasttime! We are crazy about finding animals in the wild. We would never hurt one - we just like to boast about them (like - "I remember back in 2003 when there was that there pack of wild, snarling hedgehogs circling us. We barely made it out alive!") and post gazillions of pictures of them on this blog.

Before we left, we stopped at the store for supplies - spotlight, lighter, fattening and sugary treats, ice, and drinks. Then we hit the road and headed up Mirror Lake Highway.

No, we didn't stop here along the way.

We found a dirt road off the beaten path and happened upon two park rangers.

Us: Hi. Are there any good campsites up ahead?
Them: Oh sure. There's plenty. But do you know about the bear?
Us in unison with our ears suddenly perked up: A bear, you say?
Them: Well some ATV'rs spotted a black bear near here earlier today.

Our car spewed gravel and dirt as we sped off in search of a campsite and a bear.

I had the camera ready. Todd was in eagle-eye mode.

We searched. And searched. And searched. No bear. I started to get cranky.

So what did we do?

We set up camp....

...and realized we forgot a few things like the firewood and the tarp that goes over the tent that protects against rain. Todd launched into survival-mode and started looking for firewood for a campfire.

We couldn't get the lighter to work. Todd's attempt at alternate flame sources failed miserably.

Then we noticed the rain clouds ahead. While I really wanted to see a bear in the wild - fears of a possible bear attack in the middle of the night haunted my thoughts.

So, after being at the campsite for less than an hour, we packed up and went home.

A weird weekend of indecision and changed plans for sure!

But we did go hiking up to Dog Lake and Lake Catherine the next day and saw a total of FIVE moose. We didn't realize they were sitting 20 feet away from us while we ate our sandwiches. Cool!

The girl moose kept checking this guy out. Hot stuff, I tell you.

So, no Grand Canyon, no bear, and no camping, but I spent the weekend with Todd - which made it fun!

Tell me - would you camp out knowing there was a bear in the area?


"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

Well as you already know from a recent post I am soooooo.... not a camper. The thought of an scary bear, lurking eeerillly in the woods is a definite no go for me. A mear crackle in the woods would send me a packing. Glad you all had fun! I love the tv, always a solid investment.

Jan said...

You are the funniest. That would have been just like something out of a tv series.

We do have a cabin that is bear infested in the area. I have gotten scared of the walking out alone type things.

Sorry your weekend wasn't exactly how it was supposed to be, but man it sure sounds like you two had some fun. Great post it mad anyways.

Scott and Lonna said...

Scott & I were 4-wheeling at Daniel's Summit, it was getting dusk and we were heading back to the truck. We were watching out for wild life and waa-laa, we see this black bear on her hind legs staring us down. We left the bike engine on and both stood up to look BIG to her. Then we see this baby cub start climbing a tree. OMG my heart just aboutt leaped out of my chest! She got down on all 4's walked closer to us, up on her hind legs again, we were frozen stiff! Down on all 4's again...closer to us, up on hind legs. I seriously wished we had a gun with us. But then she growled and the cub in the tree fell and they run up the Mountain. We sat down and raced pass where she was standing and there was another baby cub playing on a log. We were so afraid that we didn't even bend over to grab the camera out of the side pocket and take a picture! Sounds like you had a nice time though! I love Mirror Lake!!

Mother Goose said...

what counts is you spent your weekend the way you wanted to. It is good to be flexible and able to change with any circumstances. I like the TV!! All you have to do is rent a video on the grand canyons and you can be right there. kinda sorta.
Next best thing right? I like how you and your main squeeze like to look for wild animals. You are all so adventurous!

Tammy said...

Of coruse I would!!!! Then again, I also want to get into the water with a great white...cage included of course!!!! Do they make bear cages?!?! Just checking!!!

Tammy said...

Of coruse I would!!!! Then again, I also want to get into the water with a great white...cage included of course!!!! Do they make bear cages?!?! Just checking!!!

The Motherboard said...

i've seen you on jans blog and janelles blog... so here I am.

I would NOT at.all. camp if there was a bear out there. i would sleep in my car and hope to see him stroll through camp.

We haven't been in the mountains at all this year. I need to get us in gear and do that before the summer is over!

I like your new TV. Its big.

Anonymous said...


First off my dear wife say's, "We couldn't get the lighter to work. Todd's attempt at alternate flame sources failed miserably."

Here was my fail safe plan that my loving wife just refused to let me do.

I put some Kingsford coals, that light on the first strike, into the fire pit. Then I took the stupid "new" lighter that was hissing out gas but the spark just wasn't good enough to light, over to the car battery and with two metal tent pegs I was able to create a spark that would have lite the space shuttle. However it did require that I have a third hand, which meant Jodi's hand but she just wouldn't do it. So that fail proof method wouldn't even get a chance so plan B was about to be launched. Plan B was taking some of my bullets and remove the ball out of the shell to get to the gun powder. I was going to put the gun power on the coals and place the shell in the gun then aim at the gun powder on the coals and pull the trigger. This would have sent sparks down the gun barrel and ignite the gun powder hence lighting the coals. But she didn't want to play so I stopped and we went home.


Michelle said...

I can't believe you packed up camp and went home!! Where's your sense of adventure? I think you left it home with Creature. Pfft. I love the Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch photo.. I laugh to myself every time we drive by it and even find myself scouring the property in search of wandering nudists, just to giggle. Sadly all I've ever spotted was a couple of people in wranglers and t-shirts. Some nudist camp.

But to answer your posed question, yes just a couple of weeks ago we camped up at Mirror Lake and there had been two bears (a mother and cub) spotted in the campground. I admit I was a little worried that we'd be snatched out of our tents at night but I still longed to catch a glimpse. Some day. Better luck next time!!

Scrappy Girl said...

How cool to see a moose!

Absolutely not would I camp with a bear...who am I kidding...I don't want to camp without a bear. I am a hotel vacation kind of girl. Might have something to do with my fear of woods and the dark. LOL!

Love the TV!

COMcewens said...

You are pretty funny! LOVE the bear SIGN you had!!! You have to do what is right for your family! Great post!

Frumpy Luv said...

The grand canyon one day, in the meantime ..... DVDs!!! So sad you had to leave without camping or seeing a bear (are you two crazy???!!! This is not something William and I would do - but love that you two are such thrill seekers =)!!!!)

The Despain Gang said...

Hey the TV is awesome. The moose are amazingly beautiful and prestigious looking. Sounds like a great trip to me. No I don't think I'd stay in camp with a bear roaming close by. :)

Fe2O3 said...

Todd/Anonymous -
The best laid plans of mice and men...

I think either plan A or B would have been fine. Also, since you had a firearm, I wouldn't have had any problem staying in an area where a bear had been spotted. (You do know how to keep your campsite bear-safe, do you not?) Missing the rain-fly from the tent poses a serious problem if rain-clouds are looming. Probably best to pack it in at that point.

Glad you guys got to see some wildlife on your weekend. Moose are cool and I think they have learned that they don't get hunted in our canyons.

When you do put the Grand Canyon back into your plans, you should include Grand Canyon West and the sky-walk.

Carrie said...

I think I might have come home, too. And I'll just bet if you did a little search on that fancy new TV you could find an awful lot of nature that looks like you're right there with it, camping with the bear, because of the high def. Ahh the wonders of technology. We don't even have to leave our living rooms.

On another note, I am very sad to hear about the market. I remember when it opened and what a difference it made for life on the mountain. I don't know how you can go back to life without it.

Anonymous said...

Funny comment Todd!

If you guys wanted to see a BARE, you shoulda gone to the nudist camp!!!!!
Funny story. Go rent some nature dvds

ktmay said...

Dang- I thought WE were indecisive...I bow down to the King and Queen of Indecisiveness and Plan-changingness.LOL...we do the same kind of junk though. How funny that yall went to all the trouble to pitch that tent. You would have been soaked for sure.
I have heard that moose are mean??? Is that true?
We have camped near bears. This summer we went to TN....In Cade's Cove the campground rangers tell you straight up that they have had bears wander through the camp area. They gave us all these rules- like we had to keep all food and drinks in our automobile...and even toothpaste. They said do not even bring toothpaste into your tent. The bears will try to get it. All of the dumpsters were "bear proof" with latches to lock after you dump your trash in....and in the ranger station they had a few coolers that had been torn into by bears- It was kind of scary!!! Some campers walked by our camp area eating ice cream cones and one of the kids dropped their scoop of ice cream on the ground, and I just knew a bear was going to come for it that night. Dang ice cream droppin' turd kid.

ktmay said...

jennifer h said it first ...DARN IT!!! but why didn't yall hit that nudist camp, eh? wouldn't it be way more interesting/ disturbing to see THAT kind of "wild" life?

kitchenditcher said...

Sounds like fun to me!! I do like camping but lately "Camp Marriott" is more my style! But anywhere with my hubby is where I would want to be!

GrumpyAngel said...

I'm not sure I've visited your blog before but tonight I linked over from someone else's blog. Then I noticed on your profile you listed your occupation as "slave" which I thought was funny. So forgive for the intrusion. I went ahead and read your post while I was here. I like your family gift. I've never been to the Grand Canyon and we lived in Southern Arizona for 2 years ages ago. But if I were choosing, I'd choose the big flat-screen, too.

Mechelle said...

The Grand Canyon will be there for another thousand years or so, so don't worry there is always another time. Sound like you had a great time. M

da Bergs said...

Heck NO! Ya'll are WAY braver than me!

Lisa said...

I love your spirit of adventure and wishy washed-ness. And that nudist camp--am I right--is that in Utah??!! Way too funny on so many levels.
Your hubby and mine must have been twins seperated at birth--he lost his eyebrows one day trying something very similar--and the whole calendar thing--sign me up!
We just got back from a family reunion at Heber Valley Camp and their bear rules had us rolling in the isles--or bark trails--whatever--
Rule #1--Stay clam--yeah right--does the smell of urine do anything to them?
Rule #2--Do not make direct eye contact--seriously??!!What--are you going to have a mad desire to play peek-a-boo?? They said they take it as very aggressive behavior.
The list went on but the last rule was--if the bear attacks you--be aggressive--so I'm thinking--peek-a-boo?
Anyways--we had a bear at our house last year. My dogs were freaking out so I went outside with my flashlight to see what it was--I shined it at the tree--thought--o my gosh--there is a sloth in my tree and ran like a sissy girl inside. After a few minutes of rational breathing I was like--wait--there are no sloths in Montana--so I went back outside and it was a bear--about a year old just roaming around. He hung around for awhile--trying to get to our trash--my son was the only one who wouldn't come outside and see--he called my husband in Alaska screaming--Mom and the girls are going to die!!
Too funny--sorry I rambled on so--I'm not sure what came over me!! But I would definately camp with a bear but not without that rain tarp thingie.

Doran & Jody said...

I would LOVE to see some wildlife while camping. Several years ago we camped in AZ and we had elk mozy into the campground like they owned the place. Neat, neat.

Anonymous said...

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