Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quotes and silliness

Quotes and comments I have heard this week.

Connor: I hate any song that has a chipmunk singing in it.
Repairman: Yes, there is black mold in your walls where you had the ice dam and it's going to cost you a lot of money that you don't want to spend and be very inconvenient for you during the next few weeks.
Todd: Jodi, I'm glad you don't get offended by things I say even if I sometimes mean it.
Larissa: David Archuleta is sooo sexy!
Elora to Connor and Larissa: Oh, you have school this week? That sucks. I have the week off.
Jodi: I don't have anything to blog about. Maybe I'll just relay quotes I've heard.

Darren from the MTC: Hey, thanks for the tic tacs. Actually, my companions thank you!
Stitch the cat: Seriously, I hate all of you.
Baby Bear the cat:
I hate Stitch.

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