Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Driving Lessons

As the Watson family has had multiple crashes lately, I thought it a good idea to post a reminder of basic driving skills. You two good children who are eagerly anticipating driver's licenses in the very near future - this is for you! Ahem.

1. When pulling out of the garage, please make doubly sure that you look behind you to see if there is a car parked in the driveway. Sometimes mirrors help - but not always. You may actually have to twist your body to get a full view of what is behind you. I know this is inconvenient, but it will save you plentiful lectures from your father and torturous silent spells from your mother in the event that you forget.

2. Avoid at all costs the following scenario: "I was following behind a friend that was 'driving crazy', and even though it was cold and dark (perfect conditions for black ice) I didn't expect him to stop so suddenly and I swerved to miss him, hit ice, and ran into a tree." Please, good younger children - don't let me ever hear those words again.

3. When realizing that you missed your turn, and making a strange U-turn from the middle of the road - please notice if you are coming upon a guardrail. Avoid the guardrail at all costs. Use your brakes if you have to.

4. Finally, if you happen to be driving closely behind other vehicles and you just happen to realize that you need gas and want to see the gas price on the billboard of the gas station that you are passing - quickly dart your eyes away from the road, look at the sign, and then hurry and put your eyes to the road again. If your eyes linger from the road for a long period of time while driving and you forget to hurry and look at the road again - sometimes there can be disastrous consequences. So, in short - quickly look at the gas sign, then really really quickly - look back at the road again. It almost feels like a simultaneous reflex.

Glad we had this chat.


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