Monday, February 25, 2008

Burnt Offerings

My loving and kind family have ridiculed me incessantly over the dinner I made this evening. So what if I forgot I had steaks broiling? Was my mistake really worthy of the comments and rudeness? Below are actual statements.

*Oh good, you finally got rid of the cats!
*We can make a new couch out of this dinner.
*I had to douse my steak in A-1 sauce so I wouldn't taste it.
*Mom, what did we do wrong?
*This is turning me into a vegetarian.

Then there were, of course, the chiseling and sawing motions that Todd made while trying to cut into his steak which apparently was the funniest thing my kids had ever seen.

Finally, after all of their laughter and hilarious (NOT) insults had died down, one of my children secretly whispered in my ear (of course out of the earshot of everyone else)... "actually mom, it wasn't that bad - I liked it!"

HA! So there!

Tomorrow we're having leftovers!

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